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  1. Thank you, Yvette! I'm glad everyone is having a good time. Agne, I know what you mean about how the game makes you feel happy, but not for long. I feel very relaxed when I play it, but then when I stop playing it, that feeling does not last past the game at all -- it instantly disappears.
  2. A few months back when Pet Society was taking suggestions, I mentioned a lot of art history themes, including Roccoco! Maybe they picked this theme because of my suggestion! I'm hoping that if so, they will do other awesome historical styles as well. Titania is having a grand time chaneling Marie Antoinette and playing around with Roccoco.
  3. Thanks, Esperia! Titania is having such fun visiting all of the party rooms this week! They are all so cute!
  4. Thanks for the chocolate. I will let Titania visit as often as she pleases.
  5. Tiddy, Titania has decided she wants to move in with you now. She says will just stay in this candy room and be very quiet. You'll hardly notice her at all. I told her that wasn't acceptable and that she has to stay living in the house that I made for her, but she just started crying. Poor thing!
  6. I downloaded it onto my husband's phone and play there when he will let me borrow it.
  7. Wow! I'm jealous. That sounds like a just about perfect day.
  8. I like your dining room, Nancy! It makes me want to get sorted! *hoping for Hufflepuff*
  9. Just like camping in real life! Congrats!
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