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  1. I'd like to know who on this forum is playing Happy Pets? I'd love to add you to my neighborhood if you are not already... People who I know play: Tiddly Winks/Yvette Lucky Strike/Anastasia RocLibrarian/April Kokonee/Stasia Toulouse/Sophie
  2. I'm just so glad they are finding a good home! I hate having to sell them back! Enjoy!
  3. Thanks, Yvette! I took a guess that "Red" (the fluffy with a code) was for me! Yeah! He is home in my third room now. I have some new kitties up; there are two minis (MiniLana and Chickpea) and some other cuties....hee hee, one is called "Namaste"
  4. Yeah! Thanks for adopting!!! And of course they are cute!!!
  5. and I have another green with red tail if you want (first room)
  6. Oh, yeah! Let me know if she turns out a digger and a dancer like her mother!
  7. I would like to collect the "Fluffy" (not the "Scruffy" ones) cats. I assume they are Crowdstar's attempt at a Persian cat. Let me know if you get any you want to pass on. Thanks!
  8. I claimed her! And renamed her "Granola Queen" because of all the bits on her! Oh, and I put a lovely dark grey and orange striped kitty with red eyes in the trader...has sparkles too!
  9. And another special talent: Cats that dig up Presents! I have several if anyone wants to breed with them: Seashell (F), Scallop (M), Nautilus (F) and my big Rootbeer (M)! All of these kitties also dance. And feel free to request to breed with my singing cat (who also dances), Firecat (female)
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