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  1. I agree. I won't be buying anything this coming week. I realize we all have our own tastes, but they didn't go with anything cute this year. What happened to the cute, wholesome costumes and Halloween items? Why was everything so bloody and gory and scary? Ugh! I've never been into the horror films, and I feel like that's the direction PS went this time. I would have enjoyed other types of items.
  2. That's a great idea! I'll look forward to seeing her odd outfits every day. Sasha has so many animal costumes that she's going with those for some of the time. May get the cat out, too, though and see what she ends up wearing.
  3. I haven't gotten more than 2 CC, but will continue to hope for 5 next time.
  4. That is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you both! I know how difficult those long time of unemployment can be. What will Mike be teaching? Build a Bear would be a great place for you to work, Yvette! I'll be waiting to hear how that goes. Also sounds like you are making great progress on your book. One step at a time.
  5. A cat bus hat? That sounds interesting!
  6. I don't have any special plans. Just a relaxing evening. We sometimes make a "dinner in a pumpkin" that is kind of fun. Also used to have a recipe for ice cream and pumpkin that I might try to find. Haven't seen it for awhile, so it may have gotten lost.
  7. Wow! Xavier is one lucky pet! Bobby (husband's pet) got 5 CC one day. The most I've gotten is 2 CC. Maybe next time.
  8. A Charley Brown theme would be great! I don't especially care for all the scary, spooky stuff. At least not 3 weeks of it.
  9. So much faster and easier! Love it!
  10. These new Hideeni's seem to be pretty hard to get, don't they! I've got 8 of the 10. A bribe might not be a bad idea. . . . hmmmm.
  11. Right now I'm just saving. Figure there will be something that I want badly, maybe around Christmas.
  12. Welcome to the forum and to Pet Society! My daughter got me started with the game and it's been a favorite ever since.
  13. I think it was a good move for them to start giving us 500 when people accept the GMB's. It takes so long to send them, and it seemed like fewer people were bothering with it. At least there's more of an incentive now.
  14. Wow! I was wondering if anyone was going to get more than 1 CC. Congratulations!!!
  15. I don't know if anyone else got more, but my husband and I both just got 1 CC.
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