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♥Room Of The Week Competition♥ - Pet Societys 3rd Birthday Week! Your could win 10x5999s + a CC Item!

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Hiya everyone and welcome to another PSFC Weekly Competition!

Every week we see new and amazing items come out and we thought it might be fun for you to show off your creative skills and show us what you can do with some of the new weeks items congratulations

This competition is simple, simply design a room with some/all the new themed items that have come out and post your entries in this thread. The winner will recieve:

- 10x5999s !!
- Their room will be posted in the PSFC NEWS section for all to see and the room will be placed in the Hall Of Fame part of this thread so you can all look back at past winners Smile

- Must have a minimum of 20 posts and be an active member before you can enter.
- If your room won last weeks competition you can not enter this weeks.
- One room per member and once you have posted your room you can not change it.
- Must have some of this weeks items in the room.
- Have fun! Be creative! lol

When the new items come out the following Monday the TWS items will be given to the winner and a new Room Of The Week Competition will start with members designing a room with the new items Smile

So come on everyone! Have a go and you might become a Hall Of Famer and win some really good prizes!!

THIS WEEKS THEME: Pet Society's 3rd Birthday Week!

All Room Of The Week competitions will end on Sundays at Midnight playfish time

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Here are the Room Of The Week Hall Of Famers!

Week 1 Winner: Down in the Jungle: Ursula

Week 2 Winner: 2nd Birthday Bash!: Yellownancy

Week 3 Winner: Just A Fantasy!: Melodia_du_Xaviere

Week 4 Winner: BIG BIG BIG!: Kokonee

Week 5 Winner: Fast Food Fury!: Pedj@ 94 Dixy

Week 6 Winner: Fairytales Really Do Come True: Ursula

Week 7 Winner: Modern Day Mish Mash / Bathroom Blitz: Esperia

Week 8 Winner: Weekend In Japan: -Serenity-

Week 9 Winner: Matsuri Week: Tiddly Winks

Week 10 Winner: Back To School / Oktoberfest: hannahbananaa

Week 11 Winner: Frightfest Has Begun!: kiviern04

Week 12 Winner: Spooky Attack In The Attic: hannahbananaa

Week 13 Winner: Spooky Movie Night: myladyyawo

Week 14 Winner: Ultimate Halloween Spookfest: Ursula

Week 15 Winner: Trip To The Meadow: Nymph

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Week 16 Winner: A Whole New World: Jennifer

Week 17 Winner: Steampunk Week: Kokonee

Week 18 Winner: Restaurant Week: myladyyawo

Week 19 Winner: Santa's Toyshop: Ursula

Week 20 Winner: Modern Christmas Week: Pedj@ 94 Dixy

Week 21 Winner: Snowy Week: Tiddly Winks

Week 22 Winner: Santa Paws Week: myladyyawo

Week 23 Winner: New York New Year: Ursula

Week 24 Winner: Emergency! Emergency!: yellownancy

Week 25 Winner: Phantom Of The Opera!: Kokonee

Week 26 Winner: Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let Down Your Hair Week!!: Hannahbananaa

Week 27 Winner: It's A Long Way To Tipperary!: Tiddly Winks

Week 28 Winner: Chinese New Year Week!: Esperia

Week 29 Winner: St.Valentines Week!: Pedj@ 94 Dixy

Week 30 Winner: Indiana Bones Week!: Gabs Giggles

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Week 31 Winner: Old MacDonald Had A Farm!: Pedj@ 94 Dixy

Week 32 Winner: Carnival Week!: hannahbananaa

Week 33 Winner: Alice In Wonderland Week!: Ursula

Week 34 Winner: Cinderella Week!: Pedj@ 94 Dixy

Week 35 Winner: The Little Mermaid Week!: DarkNite

Week 36 Winner: Modern Luxury Week!: RocLibrarian

Week 37 Winner: Treasures From The Past Week!: myladyyawo

Week 38 Winner: (P)E.T Week!: Esperia

Week 39 Winner: Royal Wedding Week!: DarkNite

Week 40 Winner: Punk Rock Week!: earon09

Week 41 Winner: Light Vs Dark Week!: RocLibrarian9

Week 42 Winner: Sail The High Seas Week!: yellownancy

Week 43 Winner: Sweetheart Week!: Zane Lacquer

Week 44 Winner: Fellowship Of The Paw Week!: RocLibrarian9

Week 45 Winner: Tutti Frutti Week!: yellownancy

Week 46 Winner: Beauty and the Beast Week!: Tiddly Winks

Week 47 Winner: Pony Paradise Week!: yellownancy

Week 48 Winner: School's Out Week!: Ursula

Week 49 Winner: Wizard School Out Week!: hannahbananaa

Week 49 Winner: Wizard School: Winter Ball Week!: elfinshadow

Week 50 Winner: Wizard School: Dark Arts Week!: myladyyawo

Week 51 Winner: Candyland Week!: Tiddly Winks

Week 52 Winner: Luxury Cruise Week!: Esperia

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We are now taking entries congratulations

btw Room Of The Week is celebrating its 2nd Birthday today! Its been running for 2 years!! congratulations

To celebrate the winner of this week will get 10x5999s + a cc item! So post your entries everyone xx

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heres my rooom...


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Guest Guest
This week brings me back to last year... when I won Room of the week!

This years items are so much better... I'm in the process of re-doing ALL of my rooms to be Birthday Themed... but this one is my favorite:


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Thanks, Esperia! Titania is having such fun visiting all of the party rooms this week! They are all so cute!

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Guest Guest

Hannahbanana: I love how you used the pink fencing in the back - it's very nice!

Ursula: How refreshing to do an indoor birthday room!

Good Luck everyone!

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