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  1. thank you thank you thanks you ^_________^ thanks again... hmmm... what do i want with that cc? up to 20 cc? hmmm.. i want a WWF creatures of the night Yawning Black Jaguar...
  2. just like Tromo3.... i only open PS for the new digging then logs out...maybe i'll just go and check it out if its Halloween... i still have some hopes that PS will give me satisfaction in that type of the year... but this week... not interested in some...
  3. Can i have 3 Iced Lollipops? and do you have a trader for the Hell room? if not yet, i'll offer a Homegrown Love Cherries for it...
  4. hmmm.... quitting? why(i asked this to you even though i read your posts)? what about Chuckie? did you also try to ask for some forgiveness to him(or her... i don't know Chuckie's gender)? hope you won't forget us... and still try to have PS in yourself even just a tiny little drop of it... i'm sure you'll regret in some time because you don't see mayor and hideeni's gleamin eyes... ~ToothFairy is always here to support you ^___^
  5. just borrowed this picture from a friend... she put 2 trees on the middle plot...
  6. Hm... i don't know if anyone also noticed this... but try putting a second seed on one plot in the Romantic Garden... For example: you put a Honey Tree Seed on the plot... then... try to put another tree(it depends on you whether you will put the same tree seed or put a different one) ... just try it... it will magically hold 2 seeds... just tried this one myself and i became amazed!!
  7. earon09

    Funny photos

    its all funny ^_________^
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