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  1. Omg you guys....lol, it's hard for me to do this...but it's the time... Hmmm I have thought about it...and I don't need a break...I ''need'' to quit and focus on some important things in life...hmmm and I need to stop PS for many reasons...it's just time, I hope I remain strong enough to do so for good. Nayomy...I know...funny, isn't it...hmm lol...don't worry please we will still be friends and I would still like to hang out over here... I just don't like how PS makes me feel...I can't escape from reality any longer...lol I can't keep hiding ...there's no ''real'' happiness in collecting the stuffs on PS...hmm and I don't want to feel materialistic anymore, PS makes me feel like that...I'm sure that's not true for everyone But I guess it just brings out the worse in me! lol Also, there are things in RL that need me more...a lot more...hmmm I need to focus on my purpose in life...and I've realised I want to do more...than gaming away the days hmm...PS is too addicting and if I play it, I will give it a lot of time...I know this...I just can't do it 50/50..it's either all or nothing, and I choose nothing. I have thought it through very carefully, and one thing I know about myself is that after I've taken a decision, I never regret it... it's just ''stuff'' I won't be greedy over it, lol, I'd like to give it away or so...as I'm still going to be on forums but need a little break before I do that... I'm so glad I joined this place, I remember when Yvette ..you gifted me the potion to get paw points much faster haha...and I remember on my bday when Jeanie gifted me a room...and Nayomy...you've been the sweetest I remember a lot of acts of friendship and kindness....Nayomy, Yvette,Susan, Jennifer, Anastasia, Stephanie, ...EVERYONE! Thank you so much...all of you here who have been so nice to me! You have no idea how much it means to me!! As for Jeanie,,,I want to say a special thank you...God...all that you gave me...it's just..hmm I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life, you are such a beautiful person...and a true friend in the real sense...I love you. I love all of you!! I hope to see you around!! Have fun playing and my best wishes for each one of you
  2. hi all im sorry to tell you all that i need to stop playing PS...hmmm thank you for being so nice to me, i've met some truly amazing people here, who mean a lot to me...but i just don't want to play the game anymore... feel free to delete me!! and please don't be offended if i delete any of you i never talked to, for if were only friends for the game...i don't play anymore so i'm sure you don't want an inactive neighbour. xx i would still like to visit the forum from time to time but maybe i should avoid seeing PS stuff for a while, lol, this has been hard to do
  3. Who's playing it? It's cute, I think!! I didn't see anyone of you from here in my list there, I think...so just wondering, lol. Will be gone for 2 days... Take care, all of you!
  4. umm wear the wig you want to dye...then take the dye out of the chest and put it on the pet's head (wearing the said wig) it will ask u to confirm lol and then it's done that's what i rem, lol
  5. It's a glitch of some sort...happened to me about the Walk-in Closet, and I haven't one!
  6. Ah, no problem. Just tried to help! Well, you can't always know why you feel the way you do! Matters of the heart are strange that way, lol, I can't do a scientific experiment...picking up bits and pieces to figure out the ''why''s I've sometimes asked myself the same thing! God knows what strikes us about someone, it may be one thing or many little things, the known or unknown...you can't always help how you feel...but you can help how you ''act'' Maybe it's a test of some sorts, just hang in there. Keep busy like you do More so! And hopefully it will die out soon, especially when you find the ''right'' one for ya! xx
  7. Ohhhh sorry Yvette!!! *embarrassed*
  8. Sorry I was away! I was bored yesterday, myself, lol. Living in Saudi Arabia, it's pretty easy to get bored just being cooped up in your home!! DOn't ask!! Where are you from? I think I discovered PSFC through Google! Lol, and so happy that I did!!
  9. Oh my! Congratulations, jennifer!! I'm so happy for you, dear!! You deserve all the happiness in the world!! Take care of yourself!! Really wonderful news
  10. Even if he started returning your ''affections'' really...can you see yourself TRULY respecting him? and all this admiration of him...really you will lose it, in the end. why not maintain it? and respect him for who he is. maybe he has some qualities which are your ''ideal'' doesn't mean you have to ''jump him'' or so... accept it. you don't want to get into this...be strong... if he's a nice guy, and you go and tell him all this, prolly he'll start avoiding you or something...or discourage your advancements, lol, look... you really need to have some self-respect i hope i wasn't ''mean'' anywhere... i really want you to see it anyways, good luck, you sound like you can be a sensible person, so i hope you find the strength to get over this. for really, it is not healthy or OKAY as you yourself seem to realize it
  11. Hmmm,...Wow! I say it's a good thing you actually realize you're obsessing over someone!! if you can accept that, you can surely overcome it, as well. after reading all that...I really don't think it'll be by any means ''easy'' to stop...but you need to have a strong will...and really ''try'' ... it may just be a silly little infatuation that dies over time? if not umm and it bothers you just try to ask yourself why you want him?? and really..in the end....will you get anything out of it? except for maybe pain and humiliation??? you deserve better, everyone does...something ''real''... maybe you have too much free time on your hands...hmm try distracting yourself...and keeping busy...especially with other people!! try to make some good friends or so...that is one thing that may help i can tell it helps me to forget sad stuff or people in my life!! I really have no experience and can't relate to you in any way...but you seem really troubled and I don't like seeing that...hmmm honestly??? You have to ''help'' yourself...if you can't, nobody else will be able to help you. Ask yourself why you want this to stop...just think about this situation, really...he's not going to be yours, not if he's worth having... most likely. respect your relationship, but first...respect yourself. i don't think you do...as you seem to be acting out of desperation. and have some self-confidence! i'm sure you're a wonderful person as you can see the good qualities in somebody else... so realize it. and hopefully you'll find someone deserving of you..and this would just be a passing phase of your life. you need to be strong! like i said...nobody can help you, if you don't try yourself. and don't talk about your obsession to your friends in real life, in case, they are not really going to help you, or just fuel it, and make things worse for you!! stop it while you still can! you'll only be hurt in the end. take care, sorry if i wrote something to offend...just wanted to help...don't know if i did it, but hope you really can overcome this...
  12. Jeanie! I feel exactly the same way as you do!! Thanks Ah, I'd forgotten I posted this...it was a passing thing, lol, I have cried it out! I know I'm very blessed . Especially to have friends like you!! sinenomine! wow i like reading out your name XD thanks! i did talk to someone, as well, and I feel lots better now!!
  13. Hey Anaida!!!!!! Welcome to the forums!!
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