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  1. Hi everyone I am looking to buy any/all of the Shakespeare outfits. I have a ton of outfits I can trade (check out my other thread "Big Outfit Giveaway") and the following masquerade outfits: Elegant Masquerade Outfit Casanova Masquerade Outfit Marquis Masquerade Outfit Raven Masquerade Outfit Regal Masquerade Outfit I also have 5999s Thanks
  2. So you want prince instead of king fairy? I've sent you a f/r
  3. Hello May I have 1x sea admiral & 1x pumpkin witch outfit, please? [let me know if my request is too much.. I hope those two aren't cc bundles > Thank you in advance, Jennifer! Hiya nope one is cc and one is coins so that's fine I'll send them now
  4. Sure, sent you a friend request f.r accepted.....thankss Outfit sent Enjoy
  5. Sorry Lucky Strike I am out of dark fairy outfits. I can send you an insane alice costume, and you can choose another cc outfit if you like because the insane alice is not a cc one
  6. Hello, send me a fb request and I'll send you a wizard outfit
  7. Hi I'm out of dark fairy outfits, so I can send you the king fairy one. Send me an fb request
  8. Hello Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! Sorry can only send one cc outfit, which one is your prference? But I only have witch of the east and the prince fairy left of your choices sorry
  9. Sorry, been a busy time of year I can only send you one outfit, so dark fairy is what you want? Send me a fb request and I'll send you the fairy outfit
  10. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I can only send you one of Headmaster Wizard, Witch of the East, and Queen. Sorry to your other two friends
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