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  1. Hi everyone I am looking to buy any/all of the Shakespeare outfits. I have a ton of outfits I can trade (check out my other thread "Big Outfit Giveaway") and the following masquerade outfits: Elegant Masquerade Outfit Casanova Masquerade Outfit Marquis Masquerade Outfit Raven Masquerade Outfit Regal Masquerade Outfit I also have 5999s Thanks
  2. So you want prince instead of king fairy? I've sent you a f/r
  3. Hello May I have 1x sea admiral & 1x pumpkin witch outfit, please? [let me know if my request is too much.. I hope those two aren't cc bundles > Thank you in advance, Jennifer! Hiya nope one is cc and one is coins so that's fine I'll send them now
  4. Sure, sent you a friend request f.r accepted.....thankss Outfit sent Enjoy
  5. Sorry Lucky Strike I am out of dark fairy outfits. I can send you an insane alice costume, and you can choose another cc outfit if you like because the insane alice is not a cc one
  6. Hello, send me a fb request and I'll send you a wizard outfit
  7. Hi I'm out of dark fairy outfits, so I can send you the king fairy one. Send me an fb request
  8. Hello Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! Sorry can only send one cc outfit, which one is your prference? But I only have witch of the east and the prince fairy left of your choices sorry
  9. Sorry, been a busy time of year I can only send you one outfit, so dark fairy is what you want? Send me a fb request and I'll send you the fairy outfit
  10. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I can only send you one of Headmaster Wizard, Witch of the East, and Queen. Sorry to your other two friends
  11. Hi You can only choose one cc outfit sorry, which one would you prefer?
  12. Sure thing Chay, you can have two because none of them are cc outfits
  13. Hi Chay I'm not sure what outfit you mean, so I've added a pic of Honey wearing the queen fairy outfit so you can decide if it's the one you want or not
  14. That helps. I had a very hard day today. My sister's husband's brother's partner and 3 year old son were killed in a horrific car crash and their funerals were today. What an awful thing to happen. The worst part is this is the second child this guy has had to bury, his first child lost a battle with cancer at only 4 years old. The poor guy!! I couldn't believe it, just so so so awful.
  15. You sure can I'll go send it now Thanks a lot, hun You made me smile, I'm pretty sad today A car ran over my parents kitty and I can't stop crying Oh no That's horrible
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