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  1. I'm facing a snag in this forum recently. My PMs fail to be delivered. I'd sent my last PM today, not one but three, and all of them are piled up at the "outbox" folder. Why's this occurring? Can anybody help? Thanks.
  2. Nadira

    Two choices

    Soap Opera. Satin or Silk?
  3. Its extremely sad.....such a waste of a young life. I didn't listen her much...but still I felt really bad when I saw the news. RIP Winehouse.
  4. Yes...I've felt it personally, LOTS of times! Usually that feeling comes out of prolonged periods of self-pity or brooding.
  5. Hello smorkle...I'm awfully sorry for the delay, my Internet had gone kaput, actually. Thanks you and Agne for replying, it's much more appreciated than you could imagine. Yup, I'm battling this daily almost, and I'm constantly trying to divert my thoughts, but then again yesterday, I saw him and couldn't help hanging around his office like a fool. You're right, it's foolish and pointless. Btw, I cannot tell my friends anything; this particular guy is MUCH despised in our class for his partial grading; in fact, we had submitted long list of written complaints against him in our previous semester and that had snowballed into a nasty thing. Everyone is relieved that he's no longer in our class, so my saying anything of the sort would mean that I'm trying to....you know....prepare to suck up or something. PS: He's 40 year old.
  6. I'm from India. You? I mean you live in SA, but you seem to be South Asian. Am I correct?
  7. Hi sara, yeah I hope to have fun here too!
  8. Hello Katrina, I'm a newbie myself, just joined a day ago. *hug*
  9. Hello Salwa, and thanks for the warm words.......I know what you mean. I've been doing EXACTLY what you say---trying to squeeze out all thoughts of him by engaging in other activities. When I'm engaged in other work, I don't get these thoughts that much, but in college, the feeling seizes me, sort of. I cannot help keeping an eye an out for him, or googlign him whenever I have free time. I always stop to stand and stare at him in the campus, and many a times I get the urge to follow him. Yeahh...sounds creepy. LOL. Laughter apart, I know I wouldn't act knowingly on any of impulses, nor do I expect him to really "return" the feelings or whatever. But the main question is-----why do I feel this way? And especially for smeone who isn't even a "nice" guy. Gettit? And thanks a LOT for replying.
  10. Im damn bored...its raining like crazy and I'm sitting tight imposed in front of my computer screen. Let's start a chat...where are you all from and how did you find PSFC?
  11. Nadira


    Gross....how did you get to collect and snap that thingy! Ewwww..i wouldnta dared to!
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