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  1. chay

    missing you

    hello..hello to all!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  2. i think theres a problem with creating the album in fb yesterday, i was having the same issue too. but later on i found out that i uploaded 5x with the same album...and same thing i keep on editing the title and it only shows untitled on the album..
  3. wow!!! thats nice to hear luka! for me its a big achievement having a place in any competition, u should be proud of it!!! soo true! 2011 goes by really soo fast...imagine, i just gave birth january 2011 to my baby boy and now hes turning 1 next month...(2012) 2011 is a good year for us, and hoping n praying that 2012 will be more fruitful and lucky year for all of us! esp for me as it is YEAR OF THE DRAGON!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!
  4. ohhhh... its been ages since i last recycle! will check it now...
  5. ohhh sad to see some players quitting the game
  6. im locking this thread, it was created last may 2010 and the owner of this thread haven't updated this one nor she was inactive for a long time...sorry guys! gold star u can add me and tsukiko will send u 1 set so with u gold star...
  7. will be moving this thread to looking for section... goodluck!
  8. wow!!!! very nice of u tromo! r u quitting sims social too? i wont ask for anything, as i have loads of stuffs too... bumping up this thread!!!
  9. hello frances!! how r u? nice to meet u here u can add me anytime if u need new neighbors in PS.. welcome here in PSFC!!
  10. BUMP!!! common guys,,this is a nice giveaway...
  11. ahhh...yeah...welcome back marti!!! nice to see an old member coming back i used to trade with u before...indeed a safe trader!!
  12. chay

    selling outfits

    hi and welcome MARTI!!! if i were not mistaken, r u an old member here? how much for each costumes??
  13. ooh..i have this one already .. Satyr outfit, Pet eater, Clever beaver...ANY of these 3 will do. thanks!
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