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  1. Lots of great rooms here!!! And here is my ice cream room decoration
  2. Congrat to your daughter!!! That's really fantastic
  3. Hello Lisa~ Please also send me a note when adding Then I'll know ~ thank you ^^
  4. Dear Angel, I'm here again to wish for a Yellow Lemon Wallpaper please~ It is also what I decire to have to decorate my room Thank you so much!!!!!!
  5. All entries are great!! And I would like to share you my room
  6. Dear Angel, I'm here again. And I wish to have the Orange Wallpaper please. Since it can make my decoration colorful, thank you so much
  7. To Marie: F/R accepted, items sent Sorry for your waiting~~for the time zone in my country it's GMT+8 so now it's AM 9:00 in the morning ~ Before that I'm still sleeping ^^"
  8. To Patrick and Clair: Don't worry, I got a lot of sets to trade F/R received, reloading PS now~ All sent, please check
  9. All sent and receive, thanks for the trade, add you rep now
  10. Down: F/R received, reloading PS now Chay: Send me a F/R please
  11. Got them all!! Thanks for the trading Add rep for you too~^^
  12. Ha ha ha~~it's ok F/R accepted, items sent~~please check
  13. I'm so sorry to hear you have lost your pet Yes, the avatar I use is exactly my beloved cat. He is a boy ^^ I'm so happy that to know someone who love cats too!! Hope you can find your pet as soon as possible!! I'll pray for you everyday!!
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