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  1. check your door step. I had a few extra's...Good luck on your studies
  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO YUUKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO SPIED 9/15 ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!! Prizes sent to Yellownancy Toulouse GabsGiggles Yuuko Sashagirl myladyyawo Mage lvl8 Melodia Sanakan Nymph Hinapasha ayathon
  3. ARE YOU READY FOR ROUND 5 OF SPARKIE SPIES WITH HER LITTLE EYE'S? THIS COMP WILL END DECEMBER 22nd Sparkie has yet again, spied 15 items from this room Visit Sparkie's Extra room (cc room) #5 for live view of the current I spy game. FR me with a note if we are currently not neighbors yet Here are your clues: Sparkie has spied with her little eye: Something walking around BLACK DUCK W/ A CROWN A chair (if you don't know the name, then describe it) WIZARD CHAIR Something with lots of different color - DAISY MAY POLE A cake (yum yum - describe it if you don't know the name)- CELEBRATION CAKE A sign - NORTH POLE SIGN A bird - TOUCAN 2 Plushies FOX PLUSHIE and PETMAS BEAR PLUSHIE 2 itmes that are RED MICROSCOPE and KETCHUP Something BRASS/GOLD colored - TELESCOPE A drink - COCONUT JUICE A candle (use description or location of the candle u think i spied)- HOLIDAY CANDLE A cushion - RED HEART PILLOW Something BROWN = VINTAGE CAMERA If you could please PM me your answers in the order of the clues, that would really help me a lot - Remember, there will be multiple answers per clue. I am only spying on one item per clue The PSFC member who Spies the most will win 3 Regal Carriages :gift2: AND the LE (cc item) :gift2: that is released December 22nd, 2010 - Additionally, ALL spiers WILL recieve a runner up prize -- :gift2: -- So, what do u have to lose???? I ask ya??? NOTHING..... So, put on them spy glasses and take a whack at what you believe that Sparkie has Spied on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All PSFC Rules apply -- CLICK HERE You must be an active member & have minimum 25+ posts. Membership greater than 7 days required You must be warning free One PM per member, Please
  4. ............................ I am soo happy to give something to you Steph for all you have done for me and PSFC. You truly are an amazing creature..... All I would love in return is for you to have a wonderful Christmas.... and give lil molly a little rub on the belly for me....
  5. All prizes have been delivered.... Thank you all soo much for playing...without you, there would not be an I spy.... Let me know if you played and I forgot to send u a prize....my count went off at some point... Each participant should recieved a regal carriage as well as the cute pink penguin fishing item....
  6. congratulations Hinapasha who spied 7/15 items And to all other participants.... your runner up prizes will be sent very soon... Thanks again for playing.... round 5 should be up by tomorrow....
  8. I've sent you my 3 wigs today Kivie. Thanks! Dyed and sent back, sweets...Thx for coming and relaxing at Sparkies Spa
  9. From this point, i have recieved all PM's that have been submitted by members : Toulouse, Yuuko, Sanakan, Ayathon, Nymph and Sasha Girl. I usually do not open the PM's till the day before or the day of when the comp ends.... I hope this helps any doubts.... I will probably start looking at the spy answers tomorrow.... xoxoxoxooo By the way...anymore spiers?
  10. ok....have to get the penguins..... how adorable are they
  11. Recieved PM"s from: Toulouse Yuuko Sanakan Ayathon Nymph SashaGirl Ursula Magelvl8 Hinapasha Yellownancy
  12. :swave: :gift2: :merry: OOPS!!!!!!!!!! Sparkie dropped something off at your doorstep.....she is soooo klutzie
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