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  1. thanks for the safe trade. adding a rep. please add one for me too >.here is your card: you spent 11*999 but you can only get 3 stamps since it didn't reach 12*999 only 7 more stamps needed till you get your free items
  2. yup I still have 1 i sent you 3x999 for it thanks for the trade. Here is your card. adding one rep please add one for me too >.
  3. ill log on soon just give me like 5 minutes Pink Bicycle sent. Thanks for the safe trade adding 1 rep. = )
  4. Sure =) I have accepted your friend request. Please send the items first, I'll send it as soon as possible. (Sorry if i'm late. I have midterms coming up and have been studying ) ummm.... sorry for the late reply but i still cant earn 15 999 items so can you save it up for me until Friday or Saturday please.... i received 10*999 and a eco box but the eco box isn't worth 5000 so i sent it back to you. Your note said that you sent me a 4999 but the item that you sent me was a large eco box and the items in the box are only 2500 when you sell it back. You can also check the prices of items on pet-book.it/index.php?page=catalog
  5. thank you! If you need anything just tell me. adding a rep
  6. Just re-posting... in case u missed my post.. I thought i posted a reply. I still have one left.
  7. 5*999? Is that okay or is that too little? I'm not even sure how much the items are worth. Sorry. =(
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