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  1. If you can send the 6*999s to Chay, I'll send her the dolphin clock to pass along to you
  2. Make an offer and I will more than likely accept, I'm just trying to collect some coins and help others.
  3. I have a cyber punk Plushie for sale shoot me an offer and it's probably yours
  4. Hannah, a lot of the reason I even stopped playing for awhile was because of loading issues and the game running funky. And it has taken a lot out of me with having enthusiasm for the game because I've missed so many games, gotten behind so far on coins, and you feel like you'll never catch up, not to mention all the cash items that are hard to obtain, and sometimes necessary to complete a set. grr. I have frustrations with the game sometimes too but like you it's a mindless relaxing fun way to chill and blow off steam. It sucks when that gets messed with and you can't get that precious chilltime. I feel for ya.
  5. I like the new pet society but it makes me sad that so many of the very cool items are limited to the cash items, I guess I understand the game is fun and functional without those things but man those things are cool and I don't really have the cash to get em. Like that makeup table, that's like the coolest thing I've seen on pet society ever, hands down, and since it's a cash item, I will probably never have it. And I'm sure lots of players do feel this way, but of course it is cool to have a few of the cash prestigious items as well, kind of makes you feel special when you do get a cash item somehow, it's all part of the game we've all grown so addicted to, what can I say? lol.
  6. Sure! Sounds good to me. I only ask that we use a trade referree please? If you agree I can get someone to set the trade up for us
  7. I'm getting back into the game and I'm low on funds for new stuff, I have a bunch of old stuff I'm either not that crazy about and no longer care about collecting, or I just straight up am willing to part with it for some extra money Please make some offers, and try to be fair please. I would also possibly be willing to trade for other items of some value just make an offer you feel is reasonable. Items I'm willing to part with: Food items: Ais Kacang x 4 Baby Milk x 3 Ballroom Cupcake x 2 Buche Aux Fraises x 1 Bug Jelly x 3 Cactus Juice x 2 Cherry Ice Cream x 2 Chestnut Pancakes x 6 Chilled Cranberry Juice x 6 Chocolate Pet Mooncake x 1 Chocolate Roulade x 2 Floridas natural Juice x 1 Giant Gumdrops x 1 (have one in pink, one in green, one in orange, one in red) Ice Cream Paradise x 1 Kolak x 2 Mini Festive Cake x 1 Mont Blanc cake x 2 Pet Birthday Cake x 1 Pink Heart Ice Lolly x 8 Pumpkin cookie x 3 Shamrock lolly x 1 Spakling Vampire Drink x 8 Strawberry cream cake x 3 Stawberry Tiramisu x 1 Sweet Mooncake x 3 Tropical Flamingo Cocktail x 1 White Chocolate Cookies x 11 Cendoll x 2 Furniture and things: Gingerbread Mirror x 1 Pigsaw Tricycle x 1 Fortune Teller Table x 1 Green Cottage Coffee Table x 1 Green Cottage Dining Table x 1 Green Cottage Kitchen Counter x 1 Luminious Sweetheart Magic Mirror x 1 Babys Laundry Decor x 1 Bright Fanoos x 1 Dark Moon x 1 Eiffel Tower Wall Picture x 1 Floating Island Decor x 1 Halloween Wind Chime x 2 Luminous Pumpkin Lantern x 1 Pale Moon x 2 Shell Wind Chime x 1 Snowman Postcard Decor x 1 Small Asteroids x 1 Arabian Palace Window x 1 Arcadia Window x 1 Gold Foil Window x 1 Golden Ballroom Window x 1 Luminous Brooklyn Bridge Window x 1 Sydney View Window x 1 Cuckoo Clock x 1 Blue Elegant Throne x 1 Pink Elegant Throne x 1 Gold Foil Door x 1 Rose Chocolate Surprise Egg x 1 Spooky Fishbowl x 1 Baby Toy Decor x 1 Bouquet with fan letter x 1 Colorful Decorative Moraccas x 1 Country Jam Jar x 2 Fish in a Jar x 1 Floral Wooden Cat Decor x 1 Gold trimmed cup x 1 Gold trimmed teapot x 1 Golden Fan Decoration x 1 Heart Cactus x 1 Mini Festive Tree Decor x 1 Pacifier Decor x 1 Mystic Book Collection x 1 Pet's Orb Decor x 1 Pink Bucket x 1 Red Lotus Candle x 1 Rosy Cute Lamp x 1 Rooftop Terrace Candle x 1 Vintage Vases Collection x 2 Wonderland Rose Decor x 1 Aqua Lola Chair x 1 Ballroom Chair x 1 Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch x 1 Green Cottage Dining Chair x 2 Rapunzel Vanity Seat x 1 Spaceship Commander Chair x 1 Spaceship Relaxation Chair x 1 Jukebox x 1 Pet Laurel Wreath x 1 Modern Stool x 1 Bat wall sticker x 1 Luminous Japanese Lantern x 1 Monster under the bed x 1 Luminous cute halloween lights x 1 Homegrown Paw Tulip x 2 Mayor doll x 1 light blue curtian x 1 Dolphin clock x 1 Haiti poster x 1 Plushies: Cyber Punk Plushie x 2 Smart Wizard Plushie x 1 Candy Factory Helper Plushie x 1 Anteater Plushie x 1 Wolf Plushie x 1 Unicorn doll x 1 Swan Plushie x 1 Purple Owl Plushie x 1 Pink Monkey Plushie x 1 Pink Dino Plushie x 1 Penguin doll x 2 Bear in a box x 3 Bear Prince Plushie x 1 Blue Robin Plushie x 2 Bluebird x 1 Chestnut Plushie x 2 Classy Bunny Plushie x 1 Cute Bread Plushie x 1 Dark Owl Doll x 1 Devil Cat Plushie x 1 Elephant Doll x 2 Groundhog Plushie x 1 Hotel City Plushie x 1 Jester Doll x 1 Little Frog Doll x 1 Mayor Doll x 1 Moon Rabbit Doll x 2 Loch Ness Plushie x 2 Orangatan Doll x 1 Ox Doll x 2 Penguin Doll x 2 Pink Bunny Plushie x 1 Ok tired of doing this...will add more later.
  8. Pink Lip Couch ------------------------------------------ 1*5999 Is that the same thing as the Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch? If so, I have one I want to get rid of.
  9. I love it, if the darn thing would only load and let me play. I got into games due to the Sims, been addicted to any sims game ever since. My sim needs more friends! I'm down for friend requests for folks that also play the sims online
  10. I took a break from Pet Society, and also was living for awhile someplace without a computer. I'm back at my parents house now with internet and all and thought I'd try playing Pet Society again now that I have the means and it's like a brand new game again I've been away for so long. But man am I low on funds, thinking about selling some older, rarer things that I no longer care that much about. I guess keep an eye out for that as I'll have to organize that first. But anyways...how has everyone been? Hi to all the folks that don't remember me from when I was on here before. I missed everyone Also I'm down for some new friend requests for pet society as I cleared out my list some after I stopped playing. look forward to talking to everyone
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