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Wanting to sell some older items and a couple cyber dolls

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I'm getting back into the game and I'm low on funds for new stuff, I have a bunch of old stuff I'm either not that crazy about and no longer care about collecting, or I just straight up am willing to part with it for some extra money Smile Please make some offers, and try to be fair please. I would also possibly be willing to trade for other items of some value just make an offer you feel is reasonable.

Items I'm willing to part with:

Food items:

Ais Kacang x 4
Baby Milk x 3
Ballroom Cupcake x 2
Buche Aux Fraises x 1
Bug Jelly x 3
Cactus Juice x 2
Cherry Ice Cream x 2
Chestnut Pancakes x 6
Chilled Cranberry Juice x 6
Chocolate Pet Mooncake x 1
Chocolate Roulade x 2
Floridas natural Juice x 1
Giant Gumdrops x 1 (have one in pink, one in green, one in orange, one in red)
Ice Cream Paradise x 1
Kolak x 2
Mini Festive Cake x 1
Mont Blanc cake x 2
Pet Birthday Cake x 1
Pink Heart Ice Lolly x 8
Pumpkin cookie x 3
Shamrock lolly x 1
Spakling Vampire Drink x 8
Strawberry cream cake x 3
Stawberry Tiramisu x 1
Sweet Mooncake x 3
Tropical Flamingo Cocktail x 1
White Chocolate Cookies x 11
Cendoll x 2

Furniture and things:
Gingerbread Mirror x 1
Pigsaw Tricycle x 1
Fortune Teller Table x 1
Green Cottage Coffee Table x 1
Green Cottage Dining Table x 1
Green Cottage Kitchen Counter x 1
Luminious Sweetheart Magic Mirror x 1
Babys Laundry Decor x 1
Bright Fanoos x 1
Dark Moon x 1
Eiffel Tower Wall Picture x 1
Floating Island Decor x 1
Halloween Wind Chime x 2
Luminous Pumpkin Lantern x 1
Pale Moon x 2
Shell Wind Chime x 1
Snowman Postcard Decor x 1
Small Asteroids x 1
Arabian Palace Window x 1
Arcadia Window x 1
Gold Foil Window x 1
Golden Ballroom Window x 1
Luminous Brooklyn Bridge Window x 1
Sydney View Window x 1
Cuckoo Clock x 1
Blue Elegant Throne x 1
Pink Elegant Throne x 1
Gold Foil Door x 1
Rose Chocolate Surprise Egg x 1
Spooky Fishbowl x 1
Baby Toy Decor x 1
Bouquet with fan letter x 1
Colorful Decorative Moraccas x 1
Country Jam Jar x 2
Fish in a Jar x 1
Floral Wooden Cat Decor x 1
Gold trimmed cup x 1
Gold trimmed teapot x 1
Golden Fan Decoration x 1
Heart Cactus x 1
Mini Festive Tree Decor x 1
Pacifier Decor x 1
Mystic Book Collection x 1
Pet's Orb Decor x 1
Pink Bucket x 1
Red Lotus Candle x 1
Rosy Cute Lamp x 1
Rooftop Terrace Candle x 1
Vintage Vases Collection x 2
Wonderland Rose Decor x 1
Aqua Lola Chair x 1
Ballroom Chair x 1
Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch x 1
Green Cottage Dining Chair x 2
Rapunzel Vanity Seat x 1
Spaceship Commander Chair x 1
Spaceship Relaxation Chair x 1
Jukebox x 1
Pet Laurel Wreath x 1
Modern Stool x 1
Bat wall sticker x 1
Luminous Japanese Lantern x 1
Monster under the bed x 1
Luminous cute halloween lights x 1
Homegrown Paw Tulip x 2
Mayor doll x 1
light blue curtian x 1
Dolphin clock x 1
Haiti poster x 1

Cyber Punk Plushie x 2
Smart Wizard Plushie x 1
Candy Factory Helper Plushie x 1
Anteater Plushie x 1
Wolf Plushie x 1
Unicorn doll x 1
Swan Plushie x 1
Purple Owl Plushie x 1
Pink Monkey Plushie x 1
Pink Dino Plushie x 1
Penguin doll x 2
Bear in a box x 3
Bear Prince Plushie x 1
Blue Robin Plushie x 2
Bluebird x 1
Chestnut Plushie x 2
Classy Bunny Plushie x 1
Cute Bread Plushie x 1
Dark Owl Doll x 1
Devil Cat Plushie x 1
Elephant Doll x 2
Groundhog Plushie x 1
Hotel City Plushie x 1
Jester Doll x 1
Little Frog Doll x 1
Mayor Doll x 1
Moon Rabbit Doll x 2
Loch Ness Plushie x 2
Orangatan Doll x 1
Ox Doll x 2
Penguin Doll x 2
Pink Bunny Plushie x 1

Ok tired of doing this...will add more later.

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Sure! Sounds good to me. I only ask that we use a trade referree please? If you agree I can get someone to set the trade up for us Smile

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How much for the cyber punk plushie? I haven't had any luck finding one in the boxes.

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Make an offer and I will more than likely accept, I'm just trying to collect some coins and help others.

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LB Jonathan wrote:
Okay Smile

If you can send the 6*999s to Chay, I'll send her the dolphin clock to pass along to you

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