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  1. Konnichiwa. How much for the auxillary decor( the round gold thing in your third room), swan plushie , beige laundry bin and windmill? I'm offering 25*999 for all the things, thank you.
  2. Yay !!!!!! Thank you Winston , I am sending the payment (10*999) for the trading in your other thread on May 1st, because i can't online on school days. Hope you don't mind though
  3. Pet sewing machine and manniquin, bagpipes decor for 8*999
  4. HI.10*999 okay? And I don't want the tea lights anymore cause I had some in my chest. So 10*999 okay?
  5. HI. I would like to have 2 pink tea lights, a phonograph decor, old ship clock and vinyl record. ( if you still had them ) i prefer 999's
  6. Thanks for the advice, Tiddly. I changed it already
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