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  1. it would of been 20x 5999 for all three but if you just want the undead one send the other two back and that can be a gift OK? Any other outfit will be 10 x 5999 each for it.
  2. The same as the last time 10x5999 each for two and will give ya one how is that?
  3. sent you three undead bride pie maker and peterl,,,,, groom
  4. thank you so much how much do you want or what outfit can i send you
  5. I want to buy the petward scissorpaws outfit Please state what you want to me and I will get back to you. thanks
  6. received the payment and sent dark fairy outfit thanks will leave rep
  7. I have all three and if you want them let me know 10x5999 is fine
  8. I want to find the immaculate fairy outfit and will pay in 5999 or cash Or I have these fairy outfits. Queen fairy dark fairy princess fairy prince fairy king fairy Please leave a message of what you want and I will get back to you.
  9. payment received bundles sent thanks chay will leave rep
  10. Alexi1211 wrote can I take 1 Dorothy and Witch of West for 25 x 5999? yes you can have a Dorothy and witch of the west for that. payment received outfits sent rep added
  11. I have these extra oz mystery outfits. 2x Dorothy 1 witch of west 2 prince 1head mistress leave me an offer
  12. I agree with You all but just to look at the other side,that new people join all the time so they probably would like these themes. The nice thing, I think, is to use my old things that I have. I remember joining and loving to look at peoples houses and seeing all these cool things. It starts You to talk. The loading issues and glitches are so bad. That is something i would consider giving up pet society for. I hope they fix it. My wand thingy that is suppose to show me spaces first in digging has not worked but for a few times.
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