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  1. Can I have aquarius, virgo and libra please? thx
  2. Well, maybe just back for a while.. idk.. haha sooooo many items I already miss!! Im actually waiting for halowen mood round here.. LOL.. Im gonna start a busy life soon, so dont think can play a lot..
  3. I want 1 mint ice cream, 1 blueberry slushie n 1 candy bracelet please.. thx a lot..
  4. may I have the tuesday's limited item (again) LOL.. I will never have a chance to log on each tuesday..
  5. Id like: -platinum wedding tiara -emerald throne -ice skater poster -fish bag hat -wizard hat I'll send payment soon, max on monday.. thx
  6. I think that 1*5999=6*999 isnt it? is it okay 4 u? if yes, please send f/r with a note that u r roclibrarian.. thx
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