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  1. mostly wanted wizards-witches outfits if its possible i can offer 999s (sorry i dont have any 5999) and these items moulin rouge miniature napoleon bear ugly sock monkey baby chick doll pet laurel wreath luscious lips lounger black cyclops couch merpet statue festive north pole sign inca panpines paris view window jukebox classic red jukebox pink pet v guitar princess pink rug lucky rug rosy cute floor lamp dark queen bed gold royal chandelier black halloween balloon orange halloween balloon blue bubble picture queens throne yellow heart pillow first kiss statue luminous gothiv view window bright fanoos small potion pot FOOD white chocolate bunny pet birthday cake chocolate poo chocolate egg chocolate bunny bug jelly if you need anything different from them please write in here i might have
  2. after a long time i m here and im the lucky fad member what a nice surprise
  3. i have extra : 3 black scarecrow nose 1 black scarecrow ribbon 1 witch scarecrow top 1 triangular scarecrow pumpkin and i need : Girl scarecrow eyes Pink pumpkin scarecrow head Cute scarecrow mouth Black scarecrow nose Black scarecrow glasses Bondage scarecrow top p.s: i wont be here tomorrow but you can send me a message or a pm if you have anything i want in my list but dont forget to write a note
  4. I think Lin Yao had: Starter: vegetable soup Main Meal: jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn Pudding: chocolate roulade
  5. thank you so muchhhhh and i misss you too i ve been away for a long time because i m having some problems with time school,extra lessons,exams and many things thats why i cant log into psfc
  6. i m trying to complete pattypan squash job and i really need help
  7. you re so generous ames what an amazing competition can i have 4 please
  8. http://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/gallery/ If you get bored of your firefox with old theme then click the link and change your theme You can find thousands of themes.Movies,actors,cartoons,animals etc. spongebob squarepant is my favourite theme
  9. if you need help then copy the link here and maybe someone help you 1.open farmville 2.go to barn or chicken coop 3.click right 4.expand farm 5.share it 6.go to homepage 7.find the link that you share 8.click right 9.click copy the link location 10.then paste the link in here
  10. this is my farm i m 44. levels
  11. berna_gal

    Need neighbours

    if you need neighbours you can add me and thank you so much lea for opening this topic
  12. if you want to buy hot rod tractor -- play mafia wars and reach 10. levels hot rod seeder -- play mafia wars and reach 5 more levels (for example if you re 20. levels you have to reach 25 ) hot rod harvester -- 'bangkok' sholud be opened in mafia wars
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