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  1. tweets

    hiya everyone :)

    hiya everyone probably noone remembers me arround here :0 but anyway, i just thought about you today and decided to drop in and see how everyone's doin' ^^ i quit pet society long ago.. summer came, and i wasn't at home, and didn't have internet for a long time, so i just kinda lost intrest in it and then school came, 8th grade, and the last year before high school... i need to have good marks, and need a lot of practice in math and serbian this year(important exams), and i just didn't have time, and intrest for ps... so mostly that has been happening and how are you guys? what has been happening arround the forum these few months? ^__^
  2. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. if you have requested already, but we're not friends, add me with a note containing: ''your forum name, page(s) you have picked'' thanks everyone for participating
  3. sent sent please add me :/ please add me sent sent which one? add me ^^ sent sent plese add me sent ) sent add me please sent
  4. ohhh, i want one but, i don't want to post my picture, so i'll just pm you the order. is that okay?
  5. tweets

    tweet's garage sale

    thank oyu for the trade ursula! rep added
  6. sent sent sent sent add me please sent add me please sent sent sent sent
  7. omg! !! i laughed sooo much when i saw the 'FAIL' on one of my neighbour-pets!
  8. tweets

    tweet's garage sale

    okay, since you really like it, i guess it's yours i will send it over to you along with a little gift ste small one from the gmb
  9. tweets

    tweet's garage sale

    since there are a few offers for the dark queen bed, i'll wait for a few more days just to see if there will be any other offers, and i haven't traded in a while so i would like to snoop around and check out the prices first i hopw that is okay charlotte, i will send you the marquee and the sledge over now, and please hold on for the dark queen bed (read the message above ^_^)
  10. some old items in my chest are just picking up dust, so i want to see if there is someone who might need them furniture: - 1x pink fridge - 1x party marqee - 1x dark queen bed - kitchen set -> http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs371.snc4/45411_1541028935556_1529922230_31386746_2960928_n.jpg (cheaper then getting new from the store! only 4x999 or 1x3333+1x999) - wooden sledge and now... toys and doll collection: - 2x mole plushie (in store 500c, here -> 150c each) - baby lamb+baby bunny+baby chick -> 1x set 500c - elf plushie (2009) 1x999 - pink monkey plushie -> 200c - 2x playfsh 2010 snow globes -> 2000c each that's all for now i will add clothes, food and more stuff later p.s. i there is no price, please offer
  11. BUILD A BURGER. WOOOOOOOOW next week is gonna be my spending week sincee i haven't bought much for a month, it's time to change that
  12. sry, i'm lost. what food are you looking for?
  13. random reservation and now, this comp is officiay open
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