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  1. Ames

    Hallo :)

    Have a great time Lazaroo!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah Lady MoMo hasn't gone anywhere
  3. Has Mookie bit the bullet? LOL
  4. Lady MoMo is so excited to have the wig!!! I need to dye it in all the colours LMAO!!!
  5. Ames

    missed me?

    BurdyWurdy.. my days are so quiet without you x
  6. Ames

    missed me?

  7. Ames

    Who would you???

    Snog: Johnny Depp.. although i would insist her cleaned his teeth first! Marry: Orlando Bloom... *sigh* (would have said Edward but he's not real LMAO) Avoid... Vin Diesel... URGH yuck.. and more yuck!
  8. Woooo! Thanks for all the entries... i did infact play.. THE NURSE so congrats KASI!!! Bomb is on its way shortly
  9. He's brill... he's a lazy boy when it comes to toileting but he's so affection and playful that i can forgive that lol x Hope you are ok sweetie x
  10. I've been the same Sara...l have been so busy with my new puppy that i've just had no time for anything! Thought i'd post a little piccie of him to make you smile x
  11. I'll let this run until tomorrow morning... then whoever is the first one on the thread with the right answer will win! Lisa... if you need some prizes for stuff i can send you some stuff over.. my chest is busting at the seams!
  12. Hi guys!!!! Sorry for being absent so long but i have been wrapped up in Happy Pets (because of Yvette!!! LOL) and also had a new puppy called Ted so he has been taking up ALL my spare time... He's hard work!!!! Anyway... I've popped on to give some stuff away as i have loads of stuff in my chest and none of it is being used! I have decided it will be just ONE winner for the loot and all you have to do to win this booty is answer this one question... 1. When i was at school... which part did i play in Romeo and Juliet? The loot on offer is too long to list so who ever wins will get a mad gift bomb of random stuff!!!! I miss you all loads x
  13. Ames

    Hiya Guys!!!

    I'm good thanks Laz! Don't know why i'm so busy just lately... i don't have time to do anything
  14. Ames

    Hiya Guys!!!

    Just checking in to let you all know i'm ok and miss you all! Will be around more this week and have some trading and some giveaways to do so hopefully you'll all join in Hope everyone is well x
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