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  1. Sent you metal man bundle, I have all so dont need to sedn back anything xo
  2. I saw Beetlejuice (sorry I dont know how to spell it correctly) long time ago and I dont remember he getting married, whom he marries with? About the rest of the movies I think I have not watched any
  3. Yesterady i look for animals and only found 3, couldnt find the other 2
  4. I just saw some pics and itmes look incredible pretty, so Jebema will star shoping really soon
  5. I am here too, I can be away for some days but i always have in my mind PSFC
  6. Bugs were fixed and i received 150 cc (along with a lot of people who couldnt access to the game in several days) Now I am playing everyday
  7. I hate to look for them since I never find them, I have to check near the cows as I see
  8. I am willing to see the zodiac, hmm there are some decorative items thta look pretty good, need to check them when they are out to see if I will buy them or not
  9. I only have the daisies stall, sent you a f/r, I will place iy in my front garden so you can buy all the daisies you want edited. I cant find it sorry, probably its hidden in a room or I dont know what happened
  10. I was playing very good but my game began crashing and crashing and now it only loads to 65% and it stops And I was enjoing it a lot
  11. Wow, near a small lake, I guess it will have a nice view, congratz
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