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  1. Sent you metal man bundle, I have all so dont need to sedn back anything xo
  2. I saw Beetlejuice (sorry I dont know how to spell it correctly) long time ago and I dont remember he getting married, whom he marries with? About the rest of the movies I think I have not watched any
  3. Yesterady i look for animals and only found 3, couldnt find the other 2
  4. I just saw some pics and itmes look incredible pretty, so Jebema will star shoping really soon
  5. I am here too, I can be away for some days but i always have in my mind PSFC
  6. Bugs were fixed and i received 150 cc (along with a lot of people who couldnt access to the game in several days) Now I am playing everyday
  7. I hate to look for them since I never find them, I have to check near the cows as I see
  8. I am willing to see the zodiac, hmm there are some decorative items thta look pretty good, need to check them when they are out to see if I will buy them or not
  9. I only have the daisies stall, sent you a f/r, I will place iy in my front garden so you can buy all the daisies you want edited. I cant find it sorry, probably its hidden in a room or I dont know what happened
  10. I was playing very good but my game began crashing and crashing and now it only loads to 65% and it stops And I was enjoing it a lot
  11. Wow, near a small lake, I guess it will have a nice view, congratz
  12. Sometimes I just cant log in at FB at all All webs work pretty well except FB
  13. She is so cute, has a lovely face but she dresses Jebema always like if she were going to attend a custom party anyway, Jebema will be wearing her suggestions for a time
  14. Completely agree, its frustating trying to play properly , its ridiculous been 3 years as "beta" as you say I have to wait now more time to game fully loaded, and its impossible to send back gifts, I thought it would be just some days but I just cant
  15. Completely agree I dont understand why PS dont release new items Besides, it still have issues with the ability of playing I have not been able to send gifts or stickers
  16. So happy to read this, waiting for more news
  17. Yes , I have had that feeling several times in my life, sometimes I have felt like nobody really understands my way of being or they are like a barrier for what I really want to do ... but yes I have experienced the feeling of running away and leave everybody behind A chat with a friend always help, fortunately now with internet we can always find someone nice to talk to
  18. sinenomine

    Rigorous diet..

    I am fine, thanks for asking Lazar, I have not back to playing games at FB due to my monitor which is working pretty bad, white color is now redish/pink so imagine how I see things, green color is now black, I dont have money to send it to repair so I am waiting my exhusband to send it to fix or buy another one Warching your pic it seesm to me that you are not fat Remember that exercising must be progressive so if you run you must beggin running short distances and later more and more
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