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  1. Eh. Make it easy for you again. XD lol Wardrobe- Page 7- Item #1-9 Chest-Page 29- Item 6 Maybe I should change my lucky number to one of those.
  2. I really liked the previous items so I shall request for them again. LOL >.Wardrobe- Page 7- Item #1-9 Chest-Page 29- Item 6 Thank you!!! By the way, you have given me something I have been searching for awhile now, so much extra thanks.
  3. ^^Can we really ask for this much? If so, may I please have Wardrobe- Page 7- Item #1-9 Chest-Page 29- Item 6 and thanks ahead of time for your generosity! If not, may I please have Chest- Page 29- Item 6 Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 5 Wardrobe-Page 7-Item 8 and still thanks for the items!
  4. Prince Fairy and Satyr Outfit please if still available! -Sorry about the previous request, I was a bit busy so I wasn't able to send you the F/R for it!
  5. Hello! Chest- Page 29 Item 5 Wardrobe- Page 7 Item 6 Wardrobe- Page 7 Item 8
  6. Hello Long time no... visit? view? lol Chest- Page 28 Item 8 Chest- Page 29 Item 2 Wardrobe- Page 8 Item 3
  7. Yep. Or at least I'm trying to make it my lucky number. But I'll switch it up a bit- Chest- Page 88 Item 8 (Well... not this one) Chest- Page 87 Item 6 (Almost-ish) Wardrobe- Page 7 Item 5 There we go. Happy New Years Eve from the US.
  8. I guess I'll turn this into a daily thing... But I feel kinda bad since I'm the only one asking for anything... And bothering you daily. . . :/ Sorry ahead of time, but thanks for giving me this chance. Wardrobe- Page 8 Item 8 Chest- Page 38 Item 8 Chest- Page 48 Item 8
  9. Really? Wow! Now extremely kind of you! Next Round Then- (you know what? lets try the exact same numbers as last time!) so- Wardrobe- Page 28 Item 8 Chest- Page 48 Item 8
  10. I'm not quite sure how this works but- Wardrobe- Page 28 Item 8 Chest- Page 48 Item 8 ^Did I do that right? Or are we allowed to pick only from either the Wardrobe OR the Chest, and not both?
  11. May I please have- Bag of Jelly Beans Blackberry Cake Chocolate Toad Cubed Watermelon Festive Turkey Festive Yule Log Fire Juice Kasspotzn Peanut Chocolate Biscuits Strawberries and Cream Cake Truffle en Chocolat Valentines Strawberry Cupcake If there are no more of the items above, may I have these instead? Cubed Apple Cubed Orange Cubed Strawberry
  12. Hello May I have any 3 Shrubbery that you have left? Not too sure if I could ask more than once... Pet Name/Level: Tsukiko, 36 (i think lol)
  13. May I ask for the Dark Fairy and King Fairy Outfit please?
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