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  1. I didn't have time to play or visit my pet.. and I didn't get a chance to buy the LE... state ur price please.. thanks
  2. I only have large home grown cute moody ghost.. ^_^
  3. awww.. what a pain... I hope everything goes fine....
  4. check u door steps.. ^_^
  5. wow.. too many giveaways.. Nayomy I would like to ask for the pink wall clock from the picture 4 and also the green lava lamp.. thank you so much.. I added the storage sccount... ^_^
  6. All I can see in my screen are bunches of paw prints.. and I am having a hard time too seeing my items in the chest.. :/
  7. Hi marie, sorry to take this long... my laptop has been broken again yesterday due to overheat,, I might send 5999's today by afternoo.. thank u for the patience.
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