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  1. Ok......Iv deleted that account now that i have found out my other account.... Im back and im here to stay
  2. Haha aww. Bless you. Well im so glad its normal haha.
  3. Is it normal to get addicted to warm tomato's so that you have to have them with every dinne.... No matter what it is haha
  4. so it all started a few weeks ago when someone put a warm tomato on my plate. I didnt want to leave it because i didnt want to seem fussy or anything so i ate it... And it tasted good. Then they gave me warm tomato in my veggie burger.... Delicious! Now i cant stop eating walm tomato with everything... Just doing myself some pasta and i have a whole tomato cut up and being grilled ready to eat =| Am i normal??
  5. Heyyy! I just hit my 500 Subscribers on youtube! Im so happy that i just had to share this with you all! Im having a huge contest and already have 10 prizes =D. How cool is that!! If you are a subscriber of mine them thanks sooo much!!
  6. So i want to make my pet poo. Can someone tell me how =P I sound so dumb but i totally forgot how to do it haha
  7. Hehe...I guess they are just big in the uk then. Maybe Lisa will know what i mean. They look really cute to be honest but very expencive. Iv been approached by yet another company who wantes me to do a review for them haha. 2 in the matter of a couple of days...What a good start =) This they are sending me the clip in extensions though so they are easier to do to be fair. They feather ones have to be held in place with micro rings and then clamped the clip in ones are just...well clip in =D. Hope they send enough for my thick hair haha Here is a shot from my tutorial...
  8. yeh this happened to me and i couldnt get in for like 2-3 months =/
  9. So....The other day i did my sisters hair. Washed, Blowdried, Straightened, cut, layered, Styles and also put in her brand new feather extensions. So that took like 2-2 1/2 hours just because her hair is super super long and the hair extensions took alittle getting used to. So anyway.... I was wondering...Whats with the whole fad with the feather extensions. Everyone from youtube is wearing them now. Most beauty gurus i know are getting some or have already got some and im like wow...Where did this fad come from.... So who started it off this time...I dont know....But your cheaper just going to a farm or something and picking up the rooster/chicken/parrot whatever feathers and treating them then putting them in haha. They cost from like £4 to £100+ and its crazy prices. They do stay in for like 1 month to 6 months and i guess they are reusable but woah...Thats seriously pricey for feathers. So anyways after my video was up about 1 hour later i had an email on my youtube email from a company. They said... Dear Sarah Louise We have come across your channel as we were looking for someone who would make a good review of our feather extensions and also demonstrate how you put them in. I was just wondering if you would like the opportunity to test out our feather extensions and let us know what you think by doing a youtube video for us. Your video will be featured on our site so not only are you getting views from your own channel and site, you are also getting them from our site also. Please let us know if you would like to take us on this request by emailing us with your full postal address and your requirements....payment for the review etc. Thankyou and have a fabulous day' Ok so i didnt expect to get a response to my video like that but hey...If i can get them for free whilst getting paid and also views for my youtube then who am i to say no to that. I emailed them back and said sure...Lets see what they send me =) everyone
  10. Haha i got him to do it. I filmed it and everything. He put my makeup and he poked me in the eye alot of times haha. Oh dear we had so much fun. Was totally hillarious we couldnt stop laughting. Going to have to get him to do it again next sunday because you cant really see what hes doing much. He actually said he would love to do it again next week cause he had so much fun haha...Would be great if he turned into a makeup artist when he got older lol Get ready for the video to be uploaded sunday =D
  11. Oh My no thankyou...Thats pretty creepy! I totally shook all over when i heard the sounds.
  12. Who thinks i should get my 8 year old brother to do my makeup for me and film him doing it? As you all know i have a youtube channel and iv totally run out of things to do so i was scouring youtube and saw someone bf putting their makeup on them. My bf wont do that cause hes a party pooper but i know my little brother is in for a challange and will more then likley have a go with putting my makeup on. he would possibly do it better then me. I found out that he likes watching my makeup videos with my mum sometimes haha...Bless him...hes so cute! Love him to bits. So who thinks it would be a good idea for a makeup video? Younever know...Maby it will catch on and it will be a new craze for youtube videos haha =D all
  13. And again... Anastasia saved my life.... Ok im coming right to you next time =D
  14. So now i need to know how to block a certain person from seeing what i write without blocking them and deleting them... Someone i know told me how to do it but i dont know who......
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