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This ones for the girls more then the boys....Whats the fad with it??

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So....The other day i did my sisters hair. Washed, Blowdried, Straightened, cut, layered, Styles and also put in her brand new feather extensions.

So that took like 2-2 1/2 hours just because her hair is super super long and the hair extensions took alittle getting used to.

So anyway.... I was wondering...Whats with the whole fad with the feather extensions.
Everyone from youtube is wearing them now. Most beauty gurus i know are getting some or have already got some and im like wow...Where did this fad come from....

So who started it off this time...I dont know....But your cheaper just going to a farm or something and picking up the rooster/chicken/parrot whatever feathers and treating them then putting them in haha.

They cost from like £4 to £100+ and its crazy prices.

They do stay in for like 1 month to 6 months and i guess they are reusable but woah...Thats seriously pricey for feathers.

So anyways after my video was up about 1 hour later i had an email on my youtube email from a company.

They said...

Dear Sarah Louise

We have come across your channel as we were looking for someone who would make a good review of our feather extensions and also demonstrate how you put them in.
I was just wondering if you would like the opportunity to test out our feather extensions and let us know what you think by doing a youtube video for us.

Your video will be featured on our site so not only are you getting views from your own channel and site, you are also getting them from our site also.

Please let us know if you would like to take us on this request by emailing us with your full postal address and your requirements....payment for the review etc.

Thankyou and have a fabulous day'

Ok so i didnt expect to get a response to my video like that but hey...If i can get them for free whilst getting paid and also views for my youtube then who am i to say no to that.

I emailed them back and said sure...Lets see what they send me =)


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I must be fashionably inept as I have never heard of those. I guess it goes to show that I don't keep up with trends at all.

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Guest Guest

I must be living too deeply into "mommy world" because I've not seen anyone wearing feather extensions, not on tv, not on the web, nowhere! But it's great that you got approached by a company that want's you to try them out! It could lead to more opportunities with them ~ you never know ~ you could even become a regular blogger for them! Good Luck, and be sure to send me the link go view your video!

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Hehe...I guess they are just big in the uk then. Maybe Lisa will know what i mean.

They look really cute to be honest but very expencive.

Iv been approached by yet another company who wantes me to do a review for them haha.

2 in the matter of a couple of days...What a good start =)
This they are sending me the clip in extensions though so they are easier to do to be fair.

They feather ones have to be held in place with micro rings and then clamped the clip in ones are just...well clip in =D.

Hope they send enough for my thick hair haha

Here is a shot from my tutorial...

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