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And you thought it was cold here: Party island Ibiza is covered in snow as temperatures in Spain tumble as low as -15C as south England freezes in -8C chill 

Party island Ibiza is covered in snow as temperatures in Spain tumble as low as -15C

Ibiza, famed for its sun-soaked holiday destinations and parties, saw its beaches covered in snow during the unusual cold snap.

Residents on the island built snowmen and wrote 'Ibiza 2023' on a frozen windscreen as they enjoyed the snowy weather.

Temperatures in Spain reached as low as -15C in Catalonia as the country was blasted by the polar freeze currently sweeping across Europe.

The town of Sant Joan de Labritja in Ibiza dropped to -1.8C on Monday night, according to the Spanish meteorological office AEMET.

The weather agency issued yellow weather warnings for parts of Spain during the freezing temperatures.

Meanwhile in the UK, unusual weather 'flipped the norm' and left parts of northern Scotland enjoying warmer temperatures than the freezing southern England, the Met Office said.

An overnight low of -8.6C was recorded in Benson, Oxfordshire, on Monday, while Altnaharra in the Highlands reached a balmy 10.6C.

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