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  1. Oh my WLL will always give me feels every kind & all kinds.
  2. I'm not a huge baseball fan but that's because I don't have a team really to support but watching David play in those tight white pants was entertaining especially when he was running
  3. It was the Chris Leary? show but the fan was from my area so I guess that's still good exposure?
  4. I got to take a moment to breathe . I was driving this morning and had to slam on my breaks because some fan called into my local station and was saying all goodies about David and then they played TLSIWFY Ahh!! jdkfjksjdfjk I was in tears I probably looked liek a werido pulled over crying .
  5. I also have to add you have to watch those hugs cause he kind of sqeezes you half to death
  6. I've said it pretty much everywhere .Damn! he looked fine today
  7. Whatever are you talking about.... all I see is a LARGE tattoo And beautiful sand down below
  8. I kinda was looking at something but it may not have been the towel
  9. I can totally see them pranking Andrew with like pouring water on him while he's sleeping ,shaving cream ,mabe even paint his toenails.
  10. Omg!!! Poor Monty he always get's so much crap from him but yet its soo funny
  11. He looks so gorgeous ! and so glad to hear that people's ears are working and can see what we see in David
  12. AWE! I love what MS said about David he always says good things about.
  13. I clicked on the first video and I'm like why does he look so werid the words and his lips aren't in and then i scrolled down and found the 2nd. I'm glad to see he's happy and can't wait for what he does Now why i was in tears watching him?
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