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  1. omg...woohoo! they made it all the way to an international mag!!! and the poems for them are just soo cute...like them! yay for candy cuties!! wow david's now a candy cutie already??..hahaha.. he's made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.....lol!
  2. i just read these past pages of the thread..and i think i have been completely brainwashed by the repeated 'sights' of his...umm..you-know-what... my innocent mind has completely been tarnished...and i can't escape from it and omg the video.....wth with the SPANK AND RUB....hahahahaha
  3. 22,493 haha yea...i deliberately made the guitar to be like david's...lol... and i was supposed to be studying at that point of time..but i just couldn't help but draw on the panda's guitar..lol!
  4. 22,086 omg...you should have!! it's very fun, watching these athletes play sports and sometimes break world records....like the latest craze in town:Michael Phelps aka the god of water...lol...he's uber hot....the body, i mean.. ok..bye.... :cya:
  5. 22,083 ooh i see......same here!! did you watch the olympics??
  6. omg...he looks so hot when shirt off and yet he can look soo sweet with a shirt on...
  7. 22,079 ooh so did you manage to take pics with them?? sis....where are youuuuu...
  8. 22,077 SIS!!! hi erika!!!!how's the daughtry concert??
  9. heard it at KFC(kentuckyfriedchicken)....lol...when i heard it i was like squealing and singing along with the song and my friends was like staring at my half-eaten shrooms burger and drink...they obviously thought that there was something in the food that made me like that...lol
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