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  1. Here are some of my stuff, pictures and videos, from the show two days ago, which was AMAZING! those are just samples of what I took, here's a link to the rest of them http://www.flickr.com/photos/34047301@N08/sets/72157637162212405/ and here are my videos from the show: Wicked Games I'm Gonna Love You Fade Into Me/TOML Some Banter, with Monty and Ronnie And I met him afterwards, I got a setlist and had him sign it, and just talked with him about how he was feeling about the rappelling down the building in San Diego tomorrow and he was pretty excited for it, once he gets started he said he will be fine LOL
  2. it's been a long time since I've been on here! But it's nice when I can come on here and have something to show or share and that's what I got! LOL http://www.flickr.com/photos/34047301@N08/sets/72157636027390133/ There is a link to my photos I took at the show Saturday night. some examples: and here are my videos I took: and then I met him after for my second time meeting him, technically three if I count Idol, but I count it as two really lol signed one of my boots because I took them off before his set because my feet hurt so bad in them so I took them off so I could enjoy David's set and figured why not have him sign my boot that I will hardly wear anymore anyway...and also got my first hug picture with him so I'm pretty happy
  3. your welcome! I've uploaded what we have so far pretty much and I also indicated with the mp3s which ones are from what video on YouTube so people can decide what one they want if one is better than another lol
  4. I'm uploading MP3s as I speak so here's a link to where I'm uploading them and as there is more videos I will upload them here 4shared.com/folder/Idb5DKag/David_Cook.html
  5. I love him so much! We will always keep supporting him no matter what!
  6. I was working today for a very long shift (I work at a grocery store as a cashier) and I was waiting for customers since it was so dead today, and I'm standing there and I listen to the music we always have playing over the loudspeakers since depending on the manager that is there, there is different music playing. Well, it just happened that I was listening and what did I hear??? Fade Into Me! I have never heard my store use a David song! So I was pretty damn excited haha I wanted to squeal but I'm sure my co-workers would have given me funny looks
  7. I watched her on Jimmy Kimmel last night and she is so adorable! I love their close friendship that they have!
  8. I'm not really upset by this....I knew it would happen I was just waiting on when it would happen...he seems so much more happier than he has been in months and maybe he can concentrate on doing his own stuff or at least find a label that will allow him more control over his music
  9. so apparently Colton Dixon, who was on Idol this year, tweeted this to Tim Halperin who was on Idol last season but didn't make it far and just now Tim replied back to him love that his song and David's sound nothing alike and they want to try and start something up here
  10. yeah I gave up a long time ago too with getting an answer whenever I asked a question on Twitter or anything, but it's okay, I love reading all his answers for other people's questions lol
  11. I agree! thanks to everyone for their stories and videos and photos and everything! I've never been able to go down for RFH because of school and classes and everything, so I hopefully one day will be one that will be able to recap my time doing this! but for the time being, I LOVE hearing all the stories and seeing pictures and videos!
  12. I totally agree with you! I LOVE when he rocks out and is the rockstar and bangs on that guitar, but when he switches it over and gets intimate and soft and plays acoustic, i LOVE that David too. That was why I became so attached to him on Idol, because one week he can be rocking out, like he did with All Right Now, and then the next week, come out and sing Hello like he did, or did Day Tripper and then next week he did Billie Jean....i love when an artist can do that and be so versatile. I would be pretty bored if he stuck with one kind of music to be honest lol I love when he rocks, don't get me wrong, cause it's pretty hot when he does but when he's able to switch over and get intimate and gentle and tender and be able to make us swoon, that's so fine by me but I really love this song he did....I'm one of the ones that listened to it on repeat and just fell in love with the song...the lyrics for it are just....amazing and genius and really stand out and create so much for us to think about in our minds, and like someone said above, that line "Like a flower pressed in your favorite book by the windowsill", I love that line
  13. I love demanding dave! it's sexy! Absolutely!!! And he seemed as happy as a child in a candy store! Jumping like when he sang "Eleanor Rigby", so excited about being in front of such a large audience. I love this guy. That's all. I know - it makes me wonder what he was thinking when he said in that interview what he really wanted to do was write songs for a living, and only occasionally perform. I hope that happens AFTER he tours til the wheels fall off, and that the wheels last at least another 20 years!!!!! Stacy, are you referring to the thoughts he shared at the Foundation Room Q & A or an interview from somewhere else? I didn't hear him say he would only "occasionally perform", rather that he will "always perform" in some capacity. But not full throttle for the rest of his life. He told the audience what he was thinking- that he one day wants to settle down and have a family. It sounds like he wants to "have it all". If that's what he wants, I hope he can! I hope so, too! I want him to be happy. I also hope that he continues to tour until the wheels come off while he is still young. He can write just as well when he's in his 40's and up. His best touring days will be over by then and I hope he doesn't miss them. I mean, JBJ, Bruce, U2, they all still tour while they are, frankly, old, in terms of musicians. But that's because they put out albums and toured so much through their 20's and 30's that they were known well enough to keep going into old age. I really fear if David settles down and stops touring regularly while still so young, and stops putting out albums (of HIS, not others'), he'll lose what momentum he has. Lose the opportunities that won't be around later after kids have been born and grow up. You're only young once! IMO it would be a HUGE waste of talent for him to stop putting out albums and touring a lot any time in the next dozen years. HUGE. And a world without David's voice on new songs, and live in concerts many times a year, that is a poorer world to me. JMO. I feel like right now, if he keeps going at this pace like he is, and especially looking so great and amazing and in such a great and happy place right now, he will stick around for a while, hopefully but I agree totally with your post!
  14. that would explain it....that's sweet that they both got the same tattoo...I wouldn't know what kind of dog to even start guessing lol maybe those lines that are on there could be like, hair lines, since they didn't have a clear paw print or something? I'm just guessing I have no clue
  15. That's exactly what I was thinking, Jeannie! Why didn't the reporter shut up! Good question from Canadian fans Marla and Dee Ok someone needs to find them in Vegas and ask what he said! I wish I had thought to ask in Orlando. All I could hear was something about last tour & almost sounded like he mentioned Andrew? grrrrrrrr why did that reporter HAVE to start talking as soon as he was explaining the new tattoo?! not cool! LOL
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