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  1. Yeah!!! In fact I've met her when we did the video conference a few years ago. (Man, that's ages ago. )
  2. I'm kinda frustrated here, not only we basically find zero promo, finding a copy of TLM is next to impossible. BUUUUUT, I am holding on hope that he can still find his way here. I mean, M'sia had been a host to lesser known artist, so why not him? (Even though such a long wait is not good for my soul ) Come here y'all. Man I miss this place.
  3. Yup John Mayer - Half of My Heart
  4. Yup. I think. Oasis - Wonderwall
  5. Nope Kev Jumba, Wonfu Production & David Choi - Dance to the Song (psst. go Youtube it. It's awesome)
  6. No. Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop
  7. Nope Jason Mraz - Details in The Fabric
  8. Guys... I was just thinking. I didn't mean it really!!! We gotta be optimistic!!!
  9. *pokes heads in thread* Hey Y'all!!! ------- http://wordnerds.omgforum.net/viewtopic.forum?t=12619
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