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  1. Random, but dos anyone know where Andy + Jennie are moving?
  2. I wonder if he went to Nashville or if David went to L.A, GRO aren't in Nashville are they?
  3. Neal is home, so it must've been a quick bachelor party! Lol
  4. I never though David and Neal had a falling out either...Neal's musical style is metal so he made a move that went with his skills.
  5. So Carly was in Nashville then? That's so cute that they still keep in touch
  6. ^Yeah I wonder if he knows people in Myrtle Beach
  7. It looks like a purse is hanging from the cart though hahahah
  8. Random question lol is that a purse hanging from the cart?
  9. I'm pretty sure it's this weekend...I know it's like really soon!
  10. This is random but do you think David and Andrew will be at Lee Dewyze's wedding this weekend? I know they've hung out a few times.
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