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  1. I downloaded Hunger Games out of curiosity (I did the same w/ Harry Potter and the Twilight series and ended up loving them), but now that I see how many people are loving the series, I may end up having to read those next!
  2. Well, if there are any tickets left...here's the presale info: Pre-sale begins February 29: 12PM EST (USA) // 5PM GMT (UK) March 1: 2AM JST (Japan) // 4AM EST (Sydney, AU) Pre-sale ends March 3: 1AM EST (USA) // 6AM GMT (UK) March 3: 3PM JST (Japan) // 5PM EST (Sydney, AU) Pre-Sale Password: JBJNF
  3. I'm currently reading Tina Fey's book, Bossypants...it's hilarious!
  4. I used to read five or six books at once...maybe 50 pages of one, then 50 pages of the next one, and I'd switch back and forth. I own thousands of books that I haven't read yet, so I figured this was the quickest way I could get through them...didn't work!
  5. 1. Right Here With You 2. Paper Heart 3. The Last Goodbye 4. We Believe 5. Circadian 6. Hard to Believe 7. This Is Not the Last Time 8. 4 Letter Word 9. Take Me As I Am 10. REM 11. Time Marches On 12. Fade Into Me 13. Let Me Fall For You 14. Goodbye to the Girl
  6. A friend of mine brought a girl with her who had never been to a concert, and I can tell you, that girl was grinning from ear to ear after the show. What an experience for her!
  7. I never use the words 'omg, this was an epic show', but I certainly used them tonight. WOW. Just wow.
  8. I'm starting to wonder if the reason Drew went was because of the bickering between the judges....I read an article somewhere where they interviewed some of the top 7, and they all said that it seems to be real, that things are very tense between the judges backstage. It's definitely not fair to the contestants, and especially to the very talented ones who are gone, while Chris and Marcus are sailing right along.
  9. Astro is very good at what he does, actually. Don't really like him, definitely wouldn't buy a cd from him, but he's good. And it's nice to see at such a young age, he already knows what he wants to do with his life. Chris needs to go, he does absolutely nothing for me. As for the Drew doing Billie Jean and it being creepy, I didn't even think about that. When I look at her and hear her sing, I just don't think about her being 14...she doesn't really look 14, and she certainly doesn't sing like she's 14. She's a very mature girl for her age. Glad to see her version wasn't exactly like DC's version, she did change a note here and there.
  10. Got an email from Ticketmaster today that they're selling tickets for this show at half price...
  11. I'm so sad over Leroy going...he had such a pure voice and seems like a great guy. Marcus is fine staying, but he's just too generic--he shouldn't last much longer. I want to know who on earth is voting for Chris?
  12. Did anyone get their tickets in the mail yet for this? I'm starting to worry about where mine are!
  13. I'm glad Stacy's gone, although Astro nearly shot himself in the foot with the hissy fit. I think he's going to grow up alot in the next week, the judges, the contestants and his mom are probably going to be talking to him alot. Hopefully he'll listen and take it to heart, though. That was proof that kids his age just aren't mature enough to handle the pressure of being on a show like this.
  14. I just read all those answers, alot of the same from my Facebook page!! Mine was Davy Jones, and then Andy Gibb. Definitely dating myself there.
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