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  1. So happy for you Viv I know it was great for you to see him again after all these years and to be that close when petting the pupps must of been great for you I can only Imagine your face when you realized it was him
  2. I love his Purple Rain too Viv Never have i liked the song that much but the way david sings it it's great The guy still Amazes me with his voice. Glad every one that get's to hear it live can enjoy it. I love all his cover's tho he is the King of Covers I agree totally with that. Let me know how your show was Have Fun I know you will.
  3. Hi Ladie How are all of you I knew we would all be here WHOOOOO HOOOOO MISSED YOU ALL . Can't wait . Sorry I haven't been around much Trying to find a place to live had 2 but lost out on all of them Big Stroy not enough time to tell it all . Its all David Time YAYYYYYYYY.
  4. I Love all those show's on that Station especially now that i finally found a House to move into Renting but it's going to be Great to have my own space again. I've been getting alot of ideas from alot of the shows . I love to Decorate so this house needs alot of TLC, Paint and Cleaning so I Can't wait to get in there and do a FLIP. Don't have the money i need to do it all so im hoping this landlord is willing to work out something with us. This is going to be so good for me I Can't wait something that i always wanted to do so it should be interesting. I need some ideas especially for the Kitchen beacuse the cabinets have this crackel paint on them and the colors well we will see
  5. I'm so happy that he is touring again and happy for all of you who get to go to any of these shows . I sure hope he come's my way , I sure could use a little bit of David in my life. .
  6. awwww Love from Here To Zero Geez where is my manners ? Thank you for the Pics and Videos I was thinking there was not going to be anything but I should know better then that thank goodness for all of David's Fans. Thanks Again for Pics and Videos.
  7. Just watched the Interview with Casey who i always got a kick out of and him and David together was Great . I got to Agree that he just seems so much at ease with him self he looks Great and I Can't wait for the rest of the Album . Love him and love his Music. He is Amazing.
  8. Good Luck and Have Fun Ladies Wish you all the Best and Thank you for Representing all of us who could not be with all of you . You ladies are the Best Love you all xoxoxoxooxoxxo
  9. This is for me Idol Tour when i got to meet him back stage Niagara Falls 2nd time i got to meet him and take pictures with Peg and Hubby Idol Win when stacy got to present him with the books. Not sure if that counts but i love watching that video of the very 1st presentation of the book .
  10. Roch and Roll Man In The Box Hot For Teacher Died in your arms Don't you forget about me
  11. Permanent adam Heroes Decleration Mr Sensitive. Sorry abot my spelling
  12. Niagara Falls The Hat. I Can't answer any other ones way to many but that is my Favorite FOR EVER.
  13. Fade Into Me Bar ba Sol Life on the moon paper heart good bye to the girl.
  14. This was extremley Hard for me Always be my Baby All Right Now Elenor Rigby Hello Im Alive
  15. I Can't stop watching the videos and looking at the Pictures. I Love the Video i especially love seeing Keith Urban getting into it . It is Great and i love that they all loved him and i do agree a Standing O would of been The Icieing on the Cake. Oh Well at least the Aud did and any ways We All Know HE IS THE BEST.
  16. OH MY GOODNESS I WON YAYYYYYY Im so excited Thanks Ladies you are the Best
  17. I didn't even realize he had 3 dogs now that is so awesome Great that they promoted the Race For Hope too. They did a Great interview with him that makes me happy.
  18. Yea i also loved how Mariah Rememberd him before that was great and i was all excited when i seen Keith getting into him it was great.
  20. I just listend to the longer sniplet and i agree with Viv and a few others I don't hear Country at all i agree with the PoP Rawk, I Love It and i think he will do well with this single. I Can't wait to hear it LIve on Idol.
  21. Happy Birthday to this wonderful place called Home. Sorry Im Late but thats me . The time has gone by so fast that i can't believe it has been 5 yrs already. Well the time we have spent here has been Fun , Happy, and every other emotion there is. I have made some Forever Friends and all due To Mr Amazing. Love you all and Love him to bits. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WORD NERD HOME.
  22. Sorry i spoke about Idol in this thread but i saw other people talk about it and i thought it was ok . I do know that there is a thread just for Idol and just for David but it kind of went with all the other talk.
  23. Sorry Ladies I know alot of you haven't been watching Idol at all but i guess im a Fan for life of Idol . It has been a bad year accoriding to the ratings but i got to say i have enjoyed it this year except for the One Judge whom im sure we all know whom im refering to but the girls are great It has been a year of bringing back alot of the old Idols and its been a tearjerker for me and NOW David will be Joining them is AWESOME. I've been waiting to hear this and when i heard the sniplet I knew he would be comming on . I CAN"T FREAKING WAIT . . If you know me it don't take much to get me excited when it comes to OUR DAVID. LOVE HIM TO BITS . He just has a way of creeping up on me when i need it the most. He's like an Old Friend who you know you don't talk to all the time but you know they are always there when you need them Just like all of you Ladies are. Yes it is great that when we hear any thing about david We all Come Back Home. Love this place we call The Home and Love all of you Ladies.. Sorry Im a bit Emotional today. xoxooxoxoxoxo
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