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  1. I have issues for some reason its not showing me the whole video it starts when he is in the taxi and then ends like 8seconds later. this is on itunes i must be doing something wrong. Has this happend to any one else?
  2. Very Nice Pics Thanks For sharing 4:56 4:54 4:30
  3. I can't wait either especially if dave plunges into water WHOOOOHOOOOO FUN
  4. i did my usuall 4:30 5:04 5:33
  5. He is too damn Cute. Love this man.
  6. LMAO I Totally agree with Barb and what she said about his feet.
  7. ahhhhh good old pacman i used to play that game for Hrs. It was fun watching him play i loved the little sound he made when he got ate.
  8. I hope every body is accounted for and hopefully getting better each day
  9. croutch cam oh my god that is too funny but hey he got it done right?
  10. those were alot of fun love new pictures especially those
  11. WOW The new songs are Beautiful no wonder it took so long he should take a lot of credit for it this CD is going to be Epic i can't wait. Thanks to every one who had a hand in the videos and pictures totally AMAZING as our man is .
  12. Very Beautiful pictures thanks so much for sharing them with all of us.
  13. That was so Beautiful i loved when he was laughing what was he laughing at any ways does any body know?
  14. I Agree the weather has been Crazy all over , It's freaking scary
  15. glad your mom is home safe and sound stacy. We had tornado warinings and watches last night we did get the thunderstorm and alot of rain but no tornado whewwww Thank God.
  16. Lisa any pics of David are always welcomed here. Please post away.
  17. Thanks Made your such a sweetie . it has gotten better al little so i will just wait for the DRs appointment. I'll calll them again tommorw. rush them a little bit .
  18. Hi guys thanks for the kind words about the dr they did finally call me yesterday with an appointment that had to be changed beacuse they set it up at another office thats far away from me so now i got to wait again to get another appointment. When i first called i told them what office i wanted to go but they screwed that one up. So now i wait again in the mean time tho the breathing has gotten a bit better but i still want to be checked out. And Yea i need to Quit my self its a extremely hard thing to do for me beacuse of all the Anxiety attacks i get too. I'll be fine. Love you all for caring it makes me feel special.
  19. Hi David Great job on The Last Goodbye I love it and it was so exciteing to see you perform it on Idol. I can't wait for the whole CD to Drop due to some unexpected funds i can't upgrade my order maybe down the road i'll be able to. Love you to bits and i will always follow you no matter what. Thanks for giving your fans what you have and we all LOVE YOU FOR IT Take Care and Talk Soon ON WITH THE TOUR NOW PLEASE LOVE U Jan WN #964 DCWatchin xoxoxooxoxoxoxxo Rochester N.Y.
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