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  1. nice new pictures Love it 5:41 4:45 4:20 4:24
  2. i guess im one of the few that love shatterd dreams i think your write made looks like its going soon.
  3. I so remember watching that show and loving every second of it i love his personality he looked and acted so cute. I can't wait for this. Im excited all over again
  4. Hi Stacy Im sorry to hear about your mom. I can relate to that these days my self been having some breathing probs too. Im a little pissed off at my Cardiologist i called last Monday to make an appointment to be seen and she tells me she;ll see what she can do and get back to me. Well Its now Sunday and still have not gotten a phone call back. Breathing problems are very Scary. I hope she will be ok let me know what they think it is ok ? Love ya
  5. I didn't realize this either but thats good now i can call the stations here and make sure they play it. One of the stations here has Ryan Seacrests show so im looking forward to hearing him promote David. He didn't do enough of that with the first CD which really pissed me off.
  6. Ladies im so sorry i can't be there with all of you but i do want to wish all of you that are going good luck and have a great time at the concert .
  7. Thank you so much for the video i was looking for the whole video from start to finish. Thanks for finding it and bringing it over.
  8. Stacy im so sorry to hear that your feeling so bad about your job i agree with every one not much i can add to all of this except Things will get better with time and do what you think is best for you im sure you will make the right decision Love Ya To Bits xoxoxooxoox Jan
  9. Is there going to be anothre Video with the steven and beth and from the begining when Ryan announces him?
  10. I Treneded last night tuesday was that wrong? Are we supposed to do it tonight instead? Being Wednesday?
  11. Im with you on that one Monica
  12. I want to trend too so someone please help me when i get there not sure exactly how to do it and what to say.
  13. Hell no im not waiting for the free download i already bought it on itunes had to get an account but i had to just couldn't wait that long to get it. Love Love love the song i knew you would all like it once you all heard the whole thing there is nothing and i mean nothing that he does thats ever bad. Yayyy David Great job.
  14. Ok i guess there is something wrong with me , Im Loving the song so far so im sure ill love it even more when i hear the whole thing.
  15. Awesome news hes getting lots of publicity WAY TO GO DAVID
  16. That was one of the best interviews yet.
  17. I m In too I love doing this . Ok off to change bbiab.
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