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  1. Barb Thank you so much for the Beautiful USTREAM you did a Fantastic job. Loved the videos and Those pictures Im so happy that you all had a Blast Stacy i could hear you screaming it was good to hear you haveing such a great time.
  2. Have Fun All who is going Hope your show is a Blast.
  3. HOLY MOTHER those videos and pictures Thank you all for posting them .Jamie the one picture with his tongue on the side of his mouth I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
  4. I Missed the whole show I didn't know they switched oh my god Zep? Guitarless BBS I Can't wait for the Pics, and Videos, Recapps
  5. I love the Video i think it is so cool how this tour is in it. Love Love Love It.
  6. Well From what i heard and Saw the Pictures are Beautiful and That Video of Lie i Agree that was one of the best i have ever heard. Sexy David Zombie as always Hot.
  7. Chris I don't know what to say except that im so so happy that your Dreams Finally came true for you . I loved your recap and as Viv I Cried such an Amazing experiance for you and to get all those hugs Man oh man i would of Passed out on the spot. Can't wait for my M&G im sure it won't be as good as yours but i have met David on The Idol Tour so i know all too well about the trances and Dave Highs and that day will always be in my Heart and Mind till im no longer here. I Know this will stay with you for ever too. Your Pictures are Great too. You look so happy and pretty in them and the joy of it all is written all over your happy face
  8. Oh my god Jennie I Get to Finally Meet You . Im so excited im going to meet New Wns too. Im also doing VIP. Tickets bought thanks to Peg. NOW HURRY UP DECEMBER 2nd.
  9. FIM was Beautiful Tonight I was Freaking crying my eyes out.
  10. Well im sure you all figured out Im Going My 3rd x Im so excited now you girls have to put up with my girly girl Antics of being all excited. I Can't wait to see all of you again i hope the same people that went the First time are going again we had a great time, and hopefully Meeting New WNs .
  11. Great Pictures Ladies so nice to see Viv and Chris You all look good. Chris you look Great and glad you had a great time.
  12. Thanks Everyone who posted Videos and Pictures its great to be able to see when you can't be there.
  13. Where's the Pictures Ladies im getting
  14. Poor Viv she was worried too that something would happen. Not her fault damn Camera Police. Don't understand what the big deal is with that.
  15. HOLY SHIT CREEP The whole song besides . Yea Lucky and So So happy for Viv and the rest of the Girls.
  16. Have a Great time Ladies. Please do you r best and i know you will bring us pics and vids. i think the security thingy is a good idea.
  17. Chris Glad you got to met Viv Sorry a little late here . I hope you have a Fantastic Dave Time. I know you will . So excited for you and every one who is there.
  18. Man oh man i have been missing so much im so happy for all of you who post the Videos i know i can always catch up from all of you . Thank You so much for all you do so people like me don't miss out to much.
  19. Great Vids and Pics Thanks for Sharing and hope that all who went had a great time.
  20. yes i bite my nails This is gross I pick at the dead skin on my feet. ewwwwwwwwwwww TMI
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