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  1. See how old i am the only thing i can remember is the colors for my High School which were Green and White. LMAO I Can't really remember what the mascot was how sad is that
  2. Hope you all Have a Great Time Rachel I know you'll get pics and vids just don't forget to share LOL JK i know you won't forget. xoxooxox HAVE FUN. For all who is going to this one.
  3. Welches Grape Juice for me but i like Tomatoe Juice too.
  4. I have a little story to add to this . I was in the dentist office in the dentist charir getting teeth pulled and what came on the Radio above my head . Magic Rainbows. TOML. I got to say it made me laugh and i felt a little bit more secure.
  5. Im with Peg on this we were going to go to this but i totally Agree with what she said^^^ So im waiting too Grrrrrrr...... .... No matter when i get to see him again it will be Special and Memorable as always. I CAN"T FREAKING WAIT.
  6. Just got to say I love David In Fedoras more then any other hats oh and of course Baseball Caps Too
  7. Im with Peg on this one i will be staying at Pegs house also . Im Very Excited about it this will be my 3rd x seeing David i know only 3 x well thats counting the Idol Tour i only saw him 1 on The Decleration Tour. My Hubby will be joining us this time so im excited for that too this will be his 1st time seeing David in Concert.
  8. Wow thats a Really good picuture I Hope who all lives in the path is Saft and secure.xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  9. Oh My GOd YAYYYYYYYYYYY I WANT DATES AND WHERE with 40 dates in all corners HOPE HOPE HOPE its some where near me. Excited as heck
  10. Thank You Everyone i appreciate all of the well wishes and Barb i still get those shots in the knee too i had my right knee operated on a few years back but every so often i have to get shot up in that Knee. Im used to them now,but yea they still hurt like hell. Peg you know me too well and if it wasn't for you telling me all the things to do with it id probably still be in Tremendous Pain. Let me tell ya when they say put Ice on it. It really does Work. I put Ice on all my aches and pains now. It Ssucks getting old.
  11. HI Ladies well i just wanted to give u all an update as of right now I DON"T NEED TO HAVE SURGERY.... YAYYYYYYYY. You ladies just don't know how bad i was dreading it. Went to the Surgeon on the 17th and he said that we are going to try the Cortizone shot first he wanted to look at the tare first and see how bad it was so he looked at the MRI and then decided to give me the shot oh my god i was so HAPPY. I said to him which he thought was Funny i said can we just give me the shot and call it a day, and he said well thats what im hoping for that was before he looked at the MRI so when he said we were going with the shot i was as i said EXTREMELY HAPPY but man oh man did that shot hurt the next 2 days after. Getting alot better now and my shoulder is not Hurting that bad any more so the shot is working . Thanks For Listening . Love you guys xoxoxoxoxoxoox
  12. Awwwww Neva God bless him He is Adorable. Hope you and Edward are both doing fine.
  13. I just saw the video Holy Shit i've never seen any thing like that before Scary as all heck. Prayers are out for the Friends and Familys.
  14. Love those videos beacuse the pitt in the first one is just like mine she plays with the cat just like that very cute and im happy that some one made these videos to show that Pitts are NOT KILLERS. Its how they are Raised I have 2 now my First one is 3 now and now i have a puppy and he is adorable and plays with the Cat too. These Dogs get a bad Rapp all the time.
  15. I agree its nice when people come Home and thats what i love about this home you know you can always come back like stacy said with open arms. Glad you all Came Home good to see you all and those Girls are Prescious . I have twin granddaughters and yes they can turn your life upside down but very well worth it. Good Luck to all of you and your new Lives.
  16. That was the funniest video ive seen in a long time it was good to see it got my laugh for the day thanks Peg for posting that.
  17. I Agree with Viv Jennie your pictures are good and i so wish i could go back in time and do Niagara all over again but the day i Really wish i could go back to is the idol tour when i got to meet all of them at the after Party that was a day all the things i wished for came true. Amazing Day, Amazing Friends , and Amazing New Friends that i met . David is Just Amazing. So much to Thank him for.
  18. Thanks Made its good to be around a little hard to type but im getting used to it so when i finally have the surgery it won't be so hard after just have to get through the pain im not good with pain AT ALL. im a big baby.
  19. Hi E1 I hope everyone who has issues is doing better and i hope everyone who is sick is getting better. My Prayers and thoughts are with all of you xoxoxooxoxxoxo
  20. shhhhhhhh Im not supposed to be on here but i needed to say Thank You Everyone for all the well wishes it means alot to me you guys are the best. Thats all i can say is as far as Rest goes Im not good at that at all so hearing how long the healing process is Is making me a wreck already. I See the Surgeon on the 17th of August and we will take it from there so UNTIL Then i will still come in and see all of you i just will try hard to use my Left Hand and ARM ok Miss Peg. .? Im Really trying hard not to use it but its hard. I Thank you ladies again for all the well wishes and your stories it helps. Love you all to pieces .
  21. Hi Ladies i just want to let you all know that i won't be around for a little while soon i have to have surgery on my right shoulder i have a torn router cuff and im in a lot of pain. Im not happy right now but i got to get it done not looking forward to the recovery time 3 months. I will keep you all posted as to when i will be having it done. Love ya all Jan
  22. Stacy I hope your coping with this if you need to talk just IM me.
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