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  1. Jody was my Friend Here and my Game Buddy on facebook . She Made me Laugh,cry,but most of all she was a True Friend to me always helped me out when i asked for help with things. I will miss her tremendously. I Have her picture on my list of Friends on the games and it will stay there so i can still see her every day Love You Jody RIP Jan The Light you gave me.
  2. The Signal is Very Special to me i get all excited when ever i see it. Its special to alot of us but Dave is special so to me its extra special when he does it. Does that make sense?
  3. Loved the Performance and i was wondering if im the only one who noticed that every time he is on TV he always switches the song up like when he made all the songs his own he keeps it interesting every time he sings it. I know some people are saying its time for a different song but im loving how he makes it different each time he sings it. LOVE HIM FOR THAT...
  4. I used to be able to ride all the rides but now i can't and I MISS IT. I still love to watch people on the rides its fun.
  5. I loved it too thought it was the cutest thing.
  6. HEY DAVID I just got to say that waiting for TLM was well worth the wait. You guys did an Awsome job on it. I love the way every song goes into each other and the lyrics in all of them i can relate to all of them thats what makes you such a great writer your one in a million and i love ya to bits and i will always be a devoted Fan of yours and this started way back in your idol days since your Audition. Now PLEASE lets start TOUR. IT's been 3 yrs since ive seen you so its my turn now so please on tour come close to me. Love Jan Rochester N.Y. Niagara was awesome .
  7. I want to do this but i don't know how i guess ill have to get someone to take a picture of me ewwwwww i take terrible pictures and im not lying about that lol
  8. LMAO you girls are too funny but the thing with the hair i got to agree with you guys this time. Pictures are adorable tho love when he is silly dave.
  9. I loved the songs and the interview loved it when he said he loves being on the road so hopefully he will be on the road Soon. Yayyyyyyyy.
  10. Your work is great Mal Good Luck and hope you get lots of requests i just redid my siggy love it.
  11. Yep I feel the same exact way as ^^Viv.
  12. geting back to Let Go that song has a lot of meaning in it for me . Love That Song i wish he would sing it Live
  13. I saw it too and thougt it was Adorable but thats our David Adorable.
  14. That was so cute when he said hey if they want to call me David Cook American Idol or David Cook thats all right by me . He is so dang Cute.
  15. I for one love the Smaller Venues but as much as i love David what ever he wants to do is alright and yea he loves to do new things so it makes sense that he'd want to do this.
  16. where are you guys seeing all this beacuse i have been back and forth and i have not seen stacy or peg getting ther cd signed and someone i think Jeannie or barb said they saw stacy getting hers signed. I know im blind but what the heck. LOL
  17. im watching it again and i have not seen stacy or peg getting there cds signed
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