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  1. Im so upset i missed the 1st 45 minutes of it i had computer problems and i was on the damn phone with dell for almost 2 freaking hrs so i missed seeing every one get there CDs signed, and to make it worse I DIDN"T GET MY CD Today in the mail. GRRRRRRR . but from i did get to see Everyone was so happy and excited and gttg was absolutly Amazing hearing it live accoustically was breattaking and it made me cry.
  2. i think he is on next they just them just before they went to commercial
  3. Ok Sounds good to me. I love Analog Heart .
  4. Good Luck everyone thats there . Happy Peg and Stacy are the first 100 THats Awesome. Have fun everyone and hope for no Drama for all of you.
  5. There is some thing in alot of his Lyrics that get to me one way or another . But if were talking about both CDs id have to say Heroes for me . The Only Truth i see is you . That stands so true to me for a few chosen people in my life.
  6. I don't know how you girls Restrained Your selves
  7. Oh my god im not even there and im excited as all get go. Thanks Peg For the Phone call to tell me all about it it really did make me feel like i was there. Man oh man i would of passed out seeing David Come through the door with PIZZA . Oh my god. HE IS TOTALY AMAZING.
  8. im already cracking up at all the antics that go on waiting in line . Peg i hope your close. GOD I WISH I WAS THERE WITH YOU GUYS.
  9. wow all the pictures and videos are Great Thank You Cookienookie for all the great videos and pictures. Peg your pics are great and who all shared Thank You they are all amazing and such a joy to watch since we couldn't be there they are the nnext best thing to being there. Love you girls for sharing xoxoxoxoox
  10. Have a great time all who is going to this i will be there in spirit but glued to my PC. Stephora i wish i could help you out i would love to hang out and see you again we had such a good time at the Daughtry Concert in Rochester im sure we would have a greater time with a DAVID CONCERT.. I was planning on going to all of this with Peg but Real Life as usuall Got in the way and my Daughter busted my Tranny in my Jimmy which we were going to use to get there. Talk about Frustration
  11. PEG OH MY F-----________________ You know im going to steal the Kyle pictures RIGHT?????. No Seriously there all Amazing pictures. Thanks For Sharing. Make sure you keep them nice and safe i want to see them all when you get home.
  12. Just got done Awesome show as always David was so happy up there. . Happy for him .
  13. Oh my god that Billboard gives me the chills God I wish i could see that Live. So excited for him. Brookie its been forever girl How are you ? Happy you found your way back . Maybe we will see each other this time around.
  14. Very good Article and i also loved seeing Word Nerd and loved how she knows us fans are very Loyal to him .
  15. Can't wait tho for all the new pictures.
  16. That was Beautiful got to watch it again. Love The Song.
  17. Oh my god those pictures are awfull. What the heck i only said i think he would look good with long hair
  19. YES YES YES I Totally agree with you Barb. Thanks.
  20. I agree we do have our moments . never noticed it before i would of used it alotttttttttt of times
  21. Ok I guess im the only one but IMO he looks good with long hair too. Told You guys David is Just Amazing no matter what he sings, wears, or how he has his hair. David can Do No Wrong in my eyes. Sorry if this offends any one.
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