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  1. LMAO That is so cute love the MMMM Cake
  2. David looked and sounded Fantastic from what you could hear he had a lot of fun from the looks of it. I was getting the biggest kick out of that one guy that they kept showing in the audiance he was into David Big time. Nice to see that.
  3. I loved the interviews with the guys that one with Neil that is the very first time i have ever heard Neil Talk he is a sweetheart Viv and Peg you were right he's nothing like you would expect. What a Cuteie.and ANDY, OH MY GOD DROP DEAD GORGEOUS
  4. Holy shit wow, WELL WORTH THE WAIT LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Epecially Ciradian that song is AMAZING. BUt Love it all.
  5. I Feel so bad for all of you Especially for all of you who live so Freaking Close. Im 9 hrs away by train and its killing me that i can't go beacuse my Daughter dropped my tranny on my jimmy and i won't take Hubbys Truck unless he iswith me ,so between the car and the finances i can't do any thing. Very Frustrating.
  6. I love the last picture David looks so so so Happy 4:26 3:56 5:16
  7. Love being here and couldn't think of any other place id rather be then HOME.
  8. wow those viedos are very heartfelt I couldn't tell who was having more David Or The Kids but basically they all had fun. David was so amazed by those kids that was such a nice thing to see.
  9. WOOOOOOOOOWWWWOOO Beautiful Pics and Fantastic Videos Thanks Everyone for Sharing with all of us. It is especially special to have Fans like you girls who can do all this amazing things with a Camera. I have No skills what so ever so i deepley appreciate all that you girls do to bring it all HOME To Us. THANK YOU .
  10. always was a favorite of mine and when he sings it like this well its just like Viv Said Beautiful.
  11. David was on the Home page of Yahoo Music. It took me surprse beacuse ive never seen him before on there , im sure he was before but this is new to me . so i get a little bit http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/--221558422 http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/--208584558 http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/--202159799 Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place i was learing how to do this. There is a story too but i couldn't get it all all Im not that good with all this but hey got to give me credit for trying right ?
  12. i have to make one of these shows other wise ill never ever forgive my self. Been having alot of car issues but i found a friend who will let us borrow his conversion van so now i think im going to go to both. Just need a place to park the van . and come up with some mooolaaa. . I Really want to do the best buy one i want a cd and braclet. I have only traveld 1 time to NYC but that was like ovr 30yrs ago so any help will be appreciatead.
  13. Good Luck to all of you who are trying and Great Job to all who have got tickets.
  14. Loved those pictures i don't know what it is but Dave on the Beach 3:47 4:11 4:22
  15. awww aida so glad you got your chance to meet David and the guys.You will be on a Dave high for a while and its such a nice feeling.
  16. Loved TLGB Acoustic that was really Great. Others i have heard just as Great.
  17. I loved the First Walmart Souncheck im sure im going to love the 2nd one . Can't Wait.
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