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  1. These songs are different, yet still have that MWK sound that I love. Now they just need to schedule some live shows. "loneliness was always my best mistress creeping in, from outside the frame I hate to say that she was always with me just out of sight but pulling strings, enslaving me all night" Such a beautiful way with words.
  2. Just bought it! Did I mention that I love this band? So far my favorite song is Hearts Are For Suckers. Amazing. Also, the guitar work in Heaven Or Worse? Holy shit. If anyone finds lyrics to the EP, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Darn girl, you should have said something and you could have sat with us in Cleveland. Yeah I didn't think it out too well, lol. But thanks anyway. Still thinking about Columbus, if I can work it out.
  4. None yet. I was considering Cleveland but it's assigned seating, and I'd rather not sit by myself. I'm weird, lol. Now I'm thinking about Columbus since it's GA. One thing holding me back is the date, though. And like some others have said, I don't know whether to hold out for a solo tour...
  5. I would hope that if people paid $75 extra, they wouldn't send them to the back of the line. But who knows. Decisions, decisions.
  6. This is the same thing I'm questioning. I don't want to be pulled away from line & then end up in the very back. Anyone have any news on this or when the M&G will take place?
  7. Well if Neal isn't there, I don't want to be there. Kidding. Or am I? Come on solo tour!
  8. Thanks Jeannie. I won't be able to get on at noon, but maybe earlier. I might end up waiting until the next tour, without Gavin. Most of the dates aren't good for me. Although the VIP package was tempting since I have crappy luck in getting a picture with that man.
  9. Well dammit I missed out again, LOL. I can't get the site to work either. Congrats to those who got good seats already! Are all the VIP packages gone I wonder?
  10. I didn't know about it until I saw it on Twitter, and by then it was too late. Good luck to those of you who are trying! I hope it pays off. I remember all the stressing I did for the Declaration Tour. As much as I hate standing in line for GA, it was a lot easier on ticket buying day, lol.
  11. ^ I'm thinking of waiting as well. Surely he will do his own tour. This one seems a bit biased towards Gavin's fans, although I notice some of Dave's fans have paid for club membership to try and get better seats. I agree Barb - clusterfuck indeed.
  12. I am completely lost on all of this. I'm not paying to join Gavin's Fan Club, mainly because I'm not actually a fan (and I'd feel slightly guilty, lol). If David is co-headlining, how come there isn't more information from his side? Anyway, the Cleveland show was the only one I was considering. But I have no idea when/where they go on sale.
  13. Hmm, if I go to one, this may have to be it. Although I'd rather wait until he does a solo tour. p.s. This place is gorgeous!
  14. With tour dates coming "soon" (we know how that goes), it made me think about 2009 and the Declaration Tour. There were some amazing memories, and a few bad ones too, but I wouldn't trade any of it. Most of all, I miss the hell out of the friends I made. I don't see myself going to as many shows this time for different reasons. One of them being that I didn't have nearly as many bills/responsibilities then as I do now, haha. But I definitely hope to have some shows in my general area and that I can see some of you again!
  15. Agreed. There's a lot I would like to say on that topic, but I don't think this is the right thread. Plus I'm very tired, haha.
  16. Exactly. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it this way.
  17. Sad to hear this news. Jody used to make me laugh so hard back in the days of the innuendo threads. We used to talk through PM, and she was such a sweet, funny, vibrant person. May she rest in peace.
  18. How dare you not love it too! Haha, kidding. I'm not sure what it is about REM that gets me, but I think it has a pretty epic vibe to it (now I sound like David). I listen to it on my iPod or in the car, and let it drown everything else out, and get lost in the music of it.
  19. I hadn't really thought about it in those terms (without the girl aspect). Now it's like a whole new song. Must hear it live! And cry and be ridiculous.
  20. Haha. Well, I don't think it's that great lyrically. I think I just like the music and that he really gives it his all. It has a big sound and good energy which I think would work well in concert.
  21. I feel like this is the "Avalanche" on the album. Reminds me a lot of it. Anyway, I think it's a nice idea to say it's about a meeting of the minds. But personally, I think it's about making love. A lot of passion and sensuality to it. Losing yourself in someone both physically and emotionally. "Like an ocean, I feel you crash over me" - Love the way he sings that line.
  22. I love discussions like this! Haha. I'll have to come back when I am a little more coherent. But I have always noticed themes with his music, even with Axium. It's interesting to see how he's evolved each time. It's like the younger Dave that used wounds, bleeding, etc. has gotten more in touch with his sensitive side. He's past that angsty, physical phase. Now he's older and more mature, and can show his feelings in a different way. He's not afraid to appear vulnerable. Personally, I really relate to the "drowning" themes of This Loud Morning. If you keep emotions bottled up, it can start to drag you under ("mayday, somebody save me"). The same way with him using oceans as a metaphor. Jeannie, I love what you pointed out about the use of falling. As a whole, I see this album as him losing himself a bit, succumbing to all the feelings he's been carrying around (that drowning theme again). And then towards the end, he's finally learning how to let go, how to deal with it all. Like he's coming up for air. I hope this makes some sense, lol.
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