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  1. Great analogy, Jeannie! Pledge Music has been such a fun process!! So far, I've ordered the autographed deluxe CD plus the Pledge Acoustic EP.
  2. Hmmmm... this has peaked my interest! Was that the same venue you went to, Jeannie?
  3. What an awesome recap, Jeannie!! Thank you for sharing the experience!!!!
  4. Thank you for the recap, Jeannie!! Sounds like y'all had an awesome time & an even better show!!
  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pix, Jamie! It was so good to see everyone & the show was beyond awesome. Still trying to wrap my head around the experience, I suppose. Uh... has anyone heard if there's an MP3 of the show around?
  6. Wahoo!!!! I'm headed out today too! Beyond excited to see friends & that other guy! It's been far too long....
  7. What good shots!! Can tell he's having a blast on stage!
  8. Dang that boy! I just go through buying tickets and planning to travel 200 miles to see him and he is now going to be 70 miles from me and before the other concert. DEBRA Wouldn't you know it, Debra!! So..... are you going to try for this show?
  9. Thanks Jeannie for bringing the info from yesterdays Q & A over here!! Lots of good tidbits in there! I'd been wondering about the crowdsource option... keep seeing more & more artists/bands going that route.
  10. Oh my goodness! You're right!!!! I looked at the calendar... but didn't see Thanksgiving listed the Thursday before, assumed they didn't mark it. It was listed on the 28th.... DOH!! We'll be visiting the hubby's family for the holiday... and knew there'd be no way to attend. With the later Thanksgiving date... things may change.
  11. Best of luck to y'all getting tickets to the St. Louis show *fingers crossed* Glad to see a show in Kentucky! Wish it wasn't on Thanksgiving weekend... cancels me out of going. Will admit... I'm beyond thrilled to attend one show. No complaints here...
  12. Yay Ashley!! Always glad to see when people can get the tix they want! And... that more dates are trickling in!
  13. I'm another one who thought of you Debra as soon as I saw the St. Louis show! Here's hoping for a confirmation... ASAP!
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