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  1. I believe they are audio waves, I found this image from google
  2. Barb sadly I am not asleep yet...I am uploading "Livin On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi and THEN I am finished for the night. Thanks for the kind words!
  3. Glad you posted the videos! Thanks for that. I uploaded 40 photos here if you would like to take a look. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3525971264693.153282.1134507552&type=1&l= My FAVORITE!
  4. duldwalt (Cindy) was front row. I wanted to share, she'll probably be by to give you more once she gets home.
  5. A few more photos...I have a bunch, more than you would want me to post This is one of my favorites from the night After "Bitch"
  6. Sorry I have been absent lately, I have a few things to contribute from this show. Hope you like!
  7. Cindy Vasko, dudwalt was also at this show so I'll throw some of photos here too. She is off to the Cincinnati show Monday.
  8. Thought I would bring a few photos over here from @longlensgypsy or dudwalt or Cindy Vasko don't know what you know her as. She has shot over 2000 photos in the last 2 shows and she is an awesome photographer! Well...you be the judge
  9. Are you going to Grand Prarie? Perhaps I will see ya there. Second row Devin side.
  10. Jamie, that happens to me all the time. I used to put my stamp on them but it doesn't matter, people take what they want. Now I am just fine with it, I take them for others to enjoy. Ya can't stop David's fans from gettin the goods as we know all too well. Even if I don't get acknowledged I know it's mine and that makes me feel okay. Don't fret, you have the best photos I've seen from Austin and I can't believe I didn't see you last night I was looking for you. I saw Janell at the bar!
  11. This is so beautiful!!! The rest of them can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/user/CougarsLoveCook?feature=mhee
  12. Had to bring this hottness to you here, this is my new favorite HAWT photo of Dave. Credit to Livehead16
  13. I love that Shirley is there!! She is such a Dave fan, we are sure to get bunches of treats from her tonight.
  14. The good videos are here https://www.youtube.com/user/zAnodyne Sound is wonderful!!
  15. Why no PHOTOS and so many partial videos??? There are no restrictions at that venue! I don't get it
  16. I NEED a ustream tonight withdrawals have set in
  17. See the pretty girl in photo # 2 that is cryinb's daughter and I am right next to her. That is a beautiful shot. http://photopyle.com/photocart/index.php
  18. Can't find gettingspoiled can you post the link? Thx
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