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  1. This may be the first tour where I don't get to go to a single show. Everything is way too far away for me to drive, I don't come close to having extra funds for travel like I used to, and anything that I might have been able to hit up is on a weeknight. Not even remotely possible while still in vet school. Even the Dallas date is on a Thursday. Sad day, friends. I haven't seen everyone in so long!
  2. I wish I was able to go this year, but again I'm a broke vet student at the mercy of student loans. (I'm so desperate for money I actually pulled my signed Dave guitar out of its safety case and contemplated selling it....then put it back up once I realized the neck of it has cracked slightly. ) The tshirts are awesome. I hope everyone going has a great time at both the race and the team event with Dave! I miss everyone!
  3. Dave in Nashville 154 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Dave in Nashville 102 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Creep by jalyn0484, on Flickr
  4. Mine: (these aren't really sideways- once you hit play, they rotate the way they're supposed to)
  5. Thanks I've got some more; I just had to take the most epic 7 hour nap in order to function. Dave in Nashville 290 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Dave in Nashville 186 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Dave in Nashville 166 by jalyn0484, on Flickr
  6. Dave in Nashville 024 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Dave in Nashville 036 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Dave in Nashville 043 by jalyn0484, on Flickr Dave in Nashville 053 by jalyn0484, on Flickr
  7. I'm home and alive. And exhausted. Uploading photos/videos as we speak. Will try to share ASAP but a nap is definitely in my immediate future. That was a loooong 5 hour drive.
  8. I'm so excited to see everyone again!!! My friend and I are leaving Bumfuck, MS early Saturday morning to get to Nashville around lunch- anyone want to meet up for a pre-VIP lunch?
  9. sounds like an great setlist and a really intimate show...
  10. It is with great despair that I tell you that I will NOT be able to attend the show tonight My surgery lab schedule got changed at the last minute yesterday and now I won't be done with lab in time to make it to the show. I'm 2 hours away from Jackson and my lab won't be done until 4pm at the absolute earliest. I've had these tickets for a month, and they decided yesterday to change things around. Even IF I get out of lab at 4 on the dot, it would be 6:15 before I made it to the venue, and VIP would already be over. I wish I could still try to make it in that situation, but it's highly unlikely.
  11. Two days away! Y'all know you can trust me to bring back all kinds of goodies
  12. We found the tickets! Hooray! Jeannie, I had to call multiple times to get that information. The girl that answered every time would say "oh, let me find out and call you back", then I'd never hear from her. So I'd call back a few hours later. She kept trying to put me off and would just say "don't worry, you will get that information in an email in the next few days". Uh, hello? The show is Tuesday. I need to know what time I need to start driving to Jackson and if I need to switch my schedule around. Geez. Why is everything always so...confusing??
  13. Ok so Barb may be right. (it's been a really long week with a few sleepless nights, so my brain is NOT functioning like it should) The tix I bought from a fellow fan were just the VIP tix. I had forgotten that I bought the GA tix separately when I thought I wasn't going to be able to do VIP initially. So yeah, I guess we ended up with FOUR Nashville tickets- 2 VIP, 2 GA. I looked at both my Jackson and Nashville tickets, and only the Jackson VIP one says "not an actual ticket". The N'ville one does say "GA" on the tab. See, all I'm good for is stirring up trouble!! So technically, we still have 2 tickets to the show- 1 GA, 1 VIP. My friend has lost both tickets that I gave her and they're still MIA as of tonight. We're hoping to locate those over the weekend. OH, on a separate note! I found out today that the VIP includes soundcheck and a MnG with photo & autograph opportunities. And for the Jackson show, we have to go a few hours early. Apparently those details are still being worked out between the promoter, management, and Dave? That's why no one has received any email info yet. Talk about last minute planning...
  14. Uh, really? Seriously? Because the person I bought my tix from definitely bought - and then sent me- both a GA and a VIP add on ticket. So she must have assumed the same...
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