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  1. It's the only thing I've been listening to also, Jen. I have to say I am absolutely floored. The only real exposure to Ryan for me was him opening in Elkins last year, and I remember liking him a lot. I really hope word catches on for him -- he's amazing. I do know that they play Breathe a lot here in Sac on the radio, so that's great for him. I have to say that this part of We Might Fall is just so absolutely beautiful: Now that we are older, I remember you. Reaching out to show me all the things that I must do. Now that we are older, I remember youth. Now that we are close to death and close to finding truth. Wow.
  2. "Losing Your Memory" has to be one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard... It literally makes me cry. So lovely.
  3. Just downloaded 11:59! I just smile every time Breathe comes on the radio. (Which it does a LOT!)
  4. Oh, David, that facial hair is so wrong on so many levels. Joy to the world for Andy and Kyle in the vocal booth!! It really WILL be an Anthemic album!
  5. I like what she had to say, but she didn't acknowledge that David was also a co-writer of Permanent. Anyone who didn't know would think that she and Raine wrote the song for David.
  6. What's with the massive influx of facial hair? I suppose they figure they're living in the studio indefinitely so who cares what they look like. Sure hope they at least shower regularly. Such is the glamorous life of rock stars.
  7. Dolls? Wow. That one word kind of changes the whole visual dynamic of this song for me. Now I picture her as a really creepy doll. You know, like an old one that someone would find covered in cobwebs sitting in an attic.
  8. Well, maybe they can market Let Go for a laxative commercial.
  9. What she said...... What she said times two. Hearing someone else sing Let Go would make me throw up.
  10. Even though David is writing with many talented and experienced people, and no doubt learning so much, I really sincerely hope there are songs written by only him on the album. We know what he is capable of on his own as all of AH clearly demonstrates. Plus, ADAM was one of the most original, non-formulaic sounding songs on DCTR. I really would love to hear songs that break away from the typical pop-rock pattern (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus). I will be extremely disappointed in his record label and producer if they pigeonhole him into that kind of an artist because I fully believe he is not. I really hope he can have a lot of creative say in the songs that make the final cut. Oh, and I wouldn't mind songs co-written by Neal and/or Andy either!
  11. Don't know what that song even sounds like, but it should be on the album just because of the writing cred.
  12. What teamwork we have! I see the whole song as: He's been with her for a long time and as long as he's with her, he cannot grow as a person because she holds him back. He knows this but still can't seem to let go of her. Then the "last straw" occurs, whether it is a miscarriage, abortion, or another thing entirely, and it truly opens his eyes to the time he has wasted being with her. How could she treat him like this? Thus, he writes her these "last words" to say goodbye finally and to move on with his life.
  13. Here's the song!! Enjoy! So, so, so beautiful. www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPLTZZeCY1M
  14. ^^ That's been one of my thoughts, too. I have even considered that she ended the pregnancy without telling him, and now he has to come to terms with all of this at once. It's almost like this is his reaction after she has said, "I was pregnant, but I'm not anymore," and he just decides that he simply cannot have her in his life.
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