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  1. Here is a bizzare foods clip of a crew man eating durian http://youtu.be/5VuXoX3Wt08
  2. I haven't been on here much lately either been kind of busy except for the last couple of days been on vacation. I seen this video earlier and i just though it was so cute idk if that's the right word because it has an old man in it but that's what comes to mind The video quality isn't the best but you can see it well enough. http://youtu.be/ThqrT-wMLmw
  3. So sorry to hear you lost your mom Chris
  4. Happy Birthday Lori Ann (LIwordnerd)
  5. Thanks everybody for the prayers and B-day wishes. Jeannie, that's terrible that your co-worker did that. I sometimes watch crime shows and have seen similar cases like that.
  6. Something happened last week to someone i know. My moms long term bf's (they've been together since i was about 16) brother in-law shot and killed his wife (his sister) he said he did it because she was suffering so much and her insurance through his job was recently cancelled and her pain meds needed refilled. they lived down in florida and we knew they were getting evicted from their house and they said they were moving to a trailer and he had talked to his sister the day before and she was talking about how they were putting some stuff into storage bins and had some of his stuff and his brothers(the house used to be their moms) I only met them a couple times in person one time she came up to stay for a few days and was here a couple days and she had a mini stroke and her husband and his sister came up and was her for a night and day and i remember him cutting up about things that day (can't remember what because it's been several years ago) and when they were leaving him and his sister gave me a hug and he invited me to come down sometime but i never got the chance. In recent years when i'd be at my moms and her bf's i'd sometimes answer the phone ( i used to live there with them so i guess it's a habit ) she would be nice but wouldn't talk much mostly say hi to me and ask for her brother him on the other hand would talk to me for about five minutes or so he was calling to talk to my moms bf and he'd be there ready and i couldn't hardly get off the phone with him sometimes . It still doesn't seem real his ex wife said on the news down there he must of been at his wits ends to do something like that On a good note my dad toke me out to eat tue. for my birthday and we sat and talked and both got a little too full . My mom made me dinner she made baked chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables and of course had some cake .
  7. That is so exciting Made! I don't if anyone heard about Steve Bridges dying. He was the man that impersonated bush and did a funny job at it too imo.
  8. For anyone that is interested and has the ME-TV channel there going to be showing a couple Davy Jones shows. One is the brady bunch episode. It starts at 12:30 p.m. eastern time Sunday.
  9. I've never gone to the Kentucky Derby but did go to Churchill Downs a couple of times as a kid (around 11,12 years old) with my parents and a couple of their friends along with my brother that's three years older.On one of the times my mom let me make a two dollar bet on the last race of the horse of my chosing but then after i got the ticket i wanted another horse and i told her i'd pay for it but she wouldn't get me another ticket and that horse ended up winning and paying out thirty some dollars For someone that got a dollar a week allowance that's quite a bit but i still had fun
  10. I used to like beer then around 23 or so i quit drinking one of the reasons i quit is that i have a heart racing problem and it acted up more even when i drank small amounts and a couple of years later my bf at the time was drinking a beer when we were at a restaurant and was talking about how good it was so i took a drink of it and i thought it kind of tasted like piss water i guess i can't be too sure of that because i've never actually tasted pee but it would be like the smell of pee incorporated into taste I did have wine a few times really liked them especially the berry flavored ones. I had a sutter home one time and it was really good.
  11. Neva, i hope everything is alright with him. I have a neighbor that sounds like he's close to dying. He has been in the hospital for around a month and the way i understand it insurance wouldn't pay for him to be in the hospital any longer so they pretty much sent him home to die. I've mentioned him on here before but don't remember if anybody remembers. He had a double lung transplant around ten years ago and he really has been having problems for the past three years but this time it really sounds like he may not make it much longer .
  12. You have a cute dog Barb. I'm glad you and her got to enjoy the outdoors even though you got sore afterwards. Jamie, good luck with MSU!
  13. I do watch the food network sometimes and did see that show on one time but kept forgetting to tune back in for the next show i just checked to see if it was still on tonight so i'm watching it now. Thanks for the reminder
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