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  1. Pretty sure "soon" can be considered Tulsa Time since he lived there for a few years back in the day hahaha. I think it's appropriate! But in all seriousness, I'm happy to be hearing new music from him. It's been awhile but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. From what I've seen from other artists who have moved from major recording labels to indie it is an ordeal but from an artistic standpoint it is definitely worth it. I'm glad he is getting to use his abilities and freedom as he pleases.
  2. Dear David, I listened to the sneak peek you just posted recently on Twitter of your new music that everyone has been waiting quite awhile for! It sounds really great! Can't wait to hear the song in its entirety. I know it'll be good. Also, I saw another post from Twitter where you and the band will be dressing up for the Halloween show in Jacksonville. I'm disappointed that I will not be there to see it in person but I'm glad I can catch up with technology to see recaps of photos. I've always wanted to go to a show on Halloween since it's my most favorite holiday ever. Speaking of shows, it's been too long since I've been to a concert of yours. I regrettably did not attend the show in Louisville last November since I was visiting a friend who lives in the same vicinity. However, I will not miss the opportunity again. It's been quite awhile since I've been to a show -- almost three years since the one I saw in Cincy. I've just been in search of another occupation recently. The one I'm currently in is part time and it's just not paying me enough as it used to since the corporation is greedy and doesn't want to pay insurance to their part timers like myself. So hopefully my luck will get better and I'll find one that I'll enjoy much better. Hope all is going well for you. Crossing my fingers for the KC Royals. Let's win the World Series!! Love, Marilyn
  3. Dear David, I'm tired and sleepy basically from working all day. It's getting hard to motivate myself to do the dishes before I go to bed. I just don't want to do them but they're stacking up in the sink! I wish I had a dishwasher or a genie that would wash my dishes. That would be awesome! Do you know someone who'd like to do my dishes? Please tell me you do! I'm willing to give whoever will do my dishes a can of Coor's Light. I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind. Muhahaha! Okay, I'm joking. I'll do them in a few minutes. Anyway, I love your newest single, Laying Me Low. The breakdown of the clapping is genius and quite catchy. Basically I like every aspect of the song. It's that good! Word on the street is that you have a few shows already scheduled for this fall. Oh how I wish I could go especially to Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. Unfortunately Oklahoma and Texas are quite a distance from where I live and my work schedule wouldn't work out just right yet for me to attend a show in the near future. However, I am happy that you have some shows coming up! Sounds very exciting and I hope that whoever goes has a blast! Time for me to get off my computer and finish those dishes as badly as I hate to, ugh! I'm already getting a headache from exhaustion. Hope all is well for you at the moment! Love, Marilyn
  4. Dear David, It has been seven months since I've written a sentiment. Maybe I am addicted to Facebook as much as I hate to admit. It's a love/hate relationship. Sure, I like seeing what my friends and family are up to. However, it does get tiresome to read the redundant updates constantly. Sometimes I just need a break from it! How is the weather treating you lately? It's been rather miserable here in eastern Kentucky with such a hot and dry summer. I'm looking forward to the rain tomorrow haha I've been very busy lately with job searching and wedding planning. I never knew how hectic and stressful it may be at times! I'm just glad that I've had plenty of time to get everything situated in a timely manner and I don't have to worry about not being organized. I'm pretty proud of myself! Silly me didn't get to tell you about the last show I went to see you perform at back in November at the Taft Theater. It. Was. Amazing!! Carolina Liar and Gavin DeGraw also put one heck of a show. Such amazing talent and it sounded awesome! I actually have a couple of highlights that I really enjoyed. It was pretty sweet to hear the Muse cover of Stockholm Syndrome! I loved the Led Zeppelin cover as well. What really took my breath away the most was your live raw acoustic performance of Fade Into Me. Although I was quite a few rows away from the front center, it felt intimate like you were playing only for a few selected individuals. It could also be described as being at a friend's house and listening to them play a song on their guitar and being the lucky one to actually hear you play as if no one else is there but just me and you. I admit it was kind of intimidating in a way as if I wasn't meant to hear it or experience such a moment but at the same time it was like it was your gift to your loyal fans. I recall your banter after it was over saying something along the lines that it was overindulgent of you to do that performance. That may be true but heck I'd listen to it again It was definitely one of those performances that will be one of my favorites of all time and will be very important to me. I just never really had witnessed many performers going to that level as you did with Fade Into Me that night. It felt sort of like an out of body experience like we were all as one taking in everything that you were feeling. When the song ended and everyone started clapping and cheering it was like a sense of comprehension. I'd never been so moved emotionally like I did that night. It was such a good feeling. I almost cried witnessing you taking in everyones' reaction and applause trying to hold yourself together. It was quite bittersweet. This is just one of many reasons why I enjoy watching you perform. I feel as though I can comprehend the messages you are conveying in your music. Just one of the many reasons why your music keeps me going everyday and having a reason to live life to the fullest. One more note before I retire: I've been a bad fan lately. I still haven't bought your new single, The Last Song I'll Write For You. Forgive me? I'll do it this weekend )) You have an exciting month of shows to look forward to! I hope you and the guys have a blast! Love, Marilyn
  5. Last night was amazing! It was like an outer body experience hearing Fade Into Me acoustic minus microphone. He did it so beautifully. The crowd was amazing! I thought we were going to explode the place from the applause! Loved hearing the Led Zeppelin and Muse covers as well! Overall it's hard to pick a favorite of the night. I loved it all! I wish I would have seen you at the show, Cristina! There's always next time. Glad everyone enjoyed their VIP's and the concert!
  6. Dear David, I didn't realize how exhausting and busy today and tomorrow are going to be until now. I only worked a 5 hour shift at work and right now I feel like passing out already. Then again, it could be the recent time change "fall back" that occurred today. I didn't get much sunshine at all unless you count my drive to work! :/ Despite my low energy level, I am so hyped for tomorrow! Not because of working from 9am to 3pm but because after I get off, my dad and I are on our way to Cincinnatti to see your show tomorrow night at the Taft Theatre! It's finally forming into my conscious mind that it is happening. I was convinced for awhile that I wouldn't be able to see one of your shows again for a long time. I am glad my coworker told me about the contest that a local radio station was giving away tickets, and I'm glad I won too! Hehe. I'm very fortunate that my dad is going with me. My friends, family, and my fiance either had to work or go to class tomorrow and I was worried that I might have had to sell or give away my two tickets. I was tickled to death yesterday when my fiance and I were driving around listening to my iPod. He is a huge fan of 90's alternative and grunge music and currently has his own acoustic band that plays many songs from that era. Your cover of "Creep" by Radiohead came on shuffle and he loved it! He was air drumming along and singing with the music. Earlier this year his band did a cover of "Man In The Box" by Alice in Chains and it was rather difficult to not compare it to your version although it was killer! It is awesome that I can get my family and friends to listen to your music because I still rely on it constantly to get me through the day no matter what I'm going through. I have many things to do tonight before tomorrow! I am going to finish them now so I won't forget anything. An early bedtime may be helpful as well. Have fun at the Cleveland show tonight! Can't wait to see you and the guys, including Carolina Liar and Gavin DeGraw in Cincy tomorrow! Love, Marilyn
  7. I really need to figure out what I'll be wearing tomorrow! I don't like it when I procrastinate haha. I am going to get off the computer soon and figure it out! I'm hoping I won't be too tired after my early shift at work in the morning
  8. I'll be going! I won tickets from Mix 94.5 Pretty sure my dad will be going with me seeing that it's been rather difficult finding a friend to go with where it's on a weeknight. It's his second show hehe.
  9. Dear David, It's a typical Monday night at 11:29PM EST and I am sitting in bed trying to find something productive to do. I should reread more of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but alas I am awake like a night owl. I wonder why! Hmm..okay I'm lying only about the 'typical' part. It is the night before your album is released and I am super excited about This Loud Morning to be released at midnight! It's a fun experience checking out Twitter to check out what other fellow fans are up to -- some are in NYC waiting to buy your album outside of Best Buy, others are waiting until midnight to buy your album, etc. It was so sweet of you to buy pizza for the fans outside of Best Buy tonight. I hope you'll get enough sleep for the next few days! I'm going to try my best to go to bed early to catch you on The Today Show tomorrow morning Luckily my preorder of the fan pack came in early Friday evening. I was sitting on my front porch with my mom and I saw the UPS truck back up into my driveway. I figured my dad had ordered something but I secretly hoped I had received my album, the acoustic CD, t-shirt, and poster. I was so happy to find my name on the box! I have listened to both albums every day since I received them. I am enjoying the songs so much. They are slowly becoming stuck in my head which is a good thing! The more I listen to the album the more I appreciate the beauty behind each song. I notice things I didn't realize the last time I heard them. That's what I have always admired about your music - they have a special meaning and give you something to think about and evoke such a powerful emotion. I read one of your recent interviews about your new album and I believe it is a great point. You were talking about how someone who is listening to your music, they can create their own meaning and interpretation of the song. There is no right or wrong answer in my opinion. It is how you are feeling and how it relates to your life. The more I write to you, the more I seem to ramble on! I hope I don't seem that way, though! I just had a random thought. My mom is driving me nuts with this and I think it is hilarious. Every time we watch Parks and Recreation, she pays extra attention to the character, Ron Swason. She is convinced that he looks like you! I honestly don't see it too much. Maybe like occasionally when you make silly expressions with your eyebrows and when you had the infamous 'porn stash.' Bahaha. Just thought I'd throw that out there for amusement haha. Don't throw any eggs at me! *hides under a rock* Okay, I think I'm good for now! However, I would have to say that he will never compare to your handsome looks. Just saying It has taken me basically twenty minutes to write this! I guess I do tend to write a lot. Oops, my bad! Okay, so I guess I shall go for now. I am so excited for you and the band to get ready on this promotional tour. Be sure to get plenty of rest and enjoy everything that is coming up! You deserve everything that life has to offer you. Thank you for being such a caring and wonderful person. You have changed my life for the better. I used to be so lost a few years ago that I would have to be stuck in the life I was in. I thought it was okay to be stuck in a crappy relationship that love was supposed to be only so good to an extent. Then I changed that and I learned to love me for who I was and discovered who I was and who I wanted to be. Thankfully I found a guy who loves me for who I am and treats me amazingly well and I could never be happy. I don't think if I would have discovered you on American Idol I probably would have been stuck in the same mindset. So thank you for all you have done for me! Only 5 more minutes and it shall be midnight! Can't wait to see your album released everywhere! I'm so proud of you and your band! Love, Marilyn
  10. So very beautiful! I loved his voice in this song.
  11. Aw, that was super sweet of him and the guys! You can tell how caring he is by doing this for the fans.
  12. I'm happy for everyone who will be able to attend the signing and performance at Best Buy tomorrow evening! I so wish I was there. I've always wanted to go to NYC and it's been too long since I've seen David live!
  13. Dear David, I apologize for not writing in here sooner! It's been on my mind for awhile but I have been super busy with my classes, graduation, and work. I'm sure you'll forgive me Today is a great time to write you a message. It is the release day of your new single, The Last Goodbye! I have to say that it is a beautiful song and I enjoy it so much. I downloaded it from where I purchased a preorder of your upcoming album! June 28th will be here soon hehe. It will be awesome to receive your CD in the mail. I just hope the post office sends it to me! I also have been enjoying your cover of Simple Mind's "Don't You (Forget About Me)." The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite films ever, and it is nice to hear your voice every week although someone is always getting kicked off American Idol that night. I discovered your cover of "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele at a recent show through YouTube, and it is awesome! Thinking about all the shows you have done nearby makes me kind of melancholy. I haven't seen any of your concerts since April 2009 in Knoxville when the tornado warning tried to make an appearance to many of us fans and you guys! Haha I'll never forget those memories and the great time I had. However, you will be on tour soon and I look forward to that. I cannot wait to see you perform on the Idol stage this Thursday and perform the new single! I'm sure you and the guys will do an amazing job One more quick note: this weekend was enjoyable because I was able to spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend after a long week of classes. My boyfriend is in a alternative rock band and plays guitar. When my boyfriend and I were driving to his hometown, I was playing my iPod Nano in my car and on shuffle your song, Bar-ba-sol, comes on. I thought I would test him and see if he may like it because most of the music he listens is diverse -- anything from Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Seven Mary Three, Ryan Bingman, Black Stone Cherry, Metallica, Marcy Playground, etc. It was very interesting and it made me smile to say the least! By the time the chorus was played for the third time, he was singing along quite well with it! I'm going to try to get him to learn the song so his band can play it as a cover at their show next month. He can already play "Light On" Lastly, I hope all is well with you in your life right now! I saw a YouTube video of one of your recent shows where your brother, Andrew, had brought little Dublin up onstage. Actually, no, he's not so little anymore! He's such a cute dog. You have so much coming up soon with the band and everything. You and the guys going to be busy but it will pay off soon! Cannot wait to hear the new album, check out your appearances, and see you live once again! You're an amazing musician and through your kind heart you have helped me so much mature into a well-rounded woman I have became today. Thank you so much! Love, Marilyn
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