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  1. Yup, I know exactly what you mean. It's a great picture of him, but something's a little off. This will sound stupid because obviously it was a posed picture, but it looks posed as opposed to looking natural. I also loved how he was called a "recording artist". I thought the same thing about the smile. That is his "picture" smile, not his joyful smile. His true smile reaches his eyes. Totally different note, I thought in an interview he said he picked a pair of shoes that he would actually wear? *I didn't read the entire thread, so if this has been stated previously, please disregard*
  2. I did the same thing, I felt like he was getting irritated, so I didn't want to watch it...
  3. yay! I'm so excited this project is underway...now, I have to decide what to include in the photo
  4. I hope David feels better soon... *sending hugs, a multivitamin and a big glass of OJ*
  5. 808, you are doing a great job! Thanks for all your work on this.
  6. this idea is great, I'm literally laughing out loud imagining all of us "saluting" throughout the day just to see if other wordnerds are among us in our everyday life
  7. Ok, I guess I'm confused...its been a long day, maybe I should just get some sleep.
  8. this thread is very funny to me for some reason...if he has spies lurking, do you think they will tell him what the plan is?
  9. These threads usually move too fast for me, so I'm out. Hope you guys have fun!
  10. the pics are great, but the captions are priceless!
  11. He has no idea what he has started. :lol!: a part of me thinks he does know what he started
  12. thanks, SV4DC. I'm sitting here thinking of the uploading of pictures that eventually does allow one to clear the memory card...
  13. I don't mean to derail the naughtiness, but who did David say this too?
  14. he does seem to get much pleasure from using his camera
  15. is it just me, or is he the biggest tease!?
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